March 20, 2009

Alphabet Project

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Hey, all! Here’s a great idea from the Punta Gorda tea party coordinator. I think this is a great way to drum up interest in the tea party and guarantee that the media pays attention to us.

Below is the text of the message, minus the local media contacts. Some of our local media contacts are below. If you have some time & want to look up some more of that info for us, please just post a reply & I’ll add it to the body of the post.

Hey Everyone,
You all have been so kind and asked me what you can do to help. You are making signs for the Tea Party and bringing tea with you which is perfect. Now I have a project for you all that should be fun. I call it The Alphabet Project. Now here are the details.

Below you will find a list of local media, the phone numbers and some contact names. I want you to call them but do not tell them about the Tea Party. I want you to tell them you have heard about it and ask if they have any details. You heard it is Punta Gorda [Greensboro] but what time? Where is it going to be held? Who is in charge? Who can you contact for more information? Just ask them questions. What you are going to do is create a demand for information that they cannot ignore. Calls with the exception of some radio stations can be made throughout the day. Make them all at once or one an hour.

Now we do not want you all calling the same day so I have divided you up according to your last names.

If your last name begins with the letters:
“A” through “F” call on Mondays (every Monday till tax day)
“G” through “M” call on Tuesday   ”              ”       ”        ”
“N” through “T”  call on Wednesday ”       ”          ”          ”
“U” through “Z” call on Thursday      ”       ”          ”          “

Now remember to only ask questions about the tea party. Call on your day and have a good time.

Don’t forget to bring signs, a friend or two and something to drink.

I think that is such a fantastic idea! I wish I were so clever. This just shows how we can use the power of the “new media” to share ideas and  get OUR message across!

Some local media information: