March 20, 2009

Alphabet Project

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Hey, all! Here’s a great idea from the Punta Gorda tea party coordinator. I think this is a great way to drum up interest in the tea party and guarantee that the media pays attention to us.

Below is the text of the message, minus the local media contacts. Some of our local media contacts are below. If you have some time & want to look up some more of that info for us, please just post a reply & I’ll add it to the body of the post.

Hey Everyone,
You all have been so kind and asked me what you can do to help. You are making signs for the Tea Party and bringing tea with you which is perfect. Now I have a project for you all that should be fun. I call it The Alphabet Project. Now here are the details.

Below you will find a list of local media, the phone numbers and some contact names. I want you to call them but do not tell them about the Tea Party. I want you to tell them you have heard about it and ask if they have any details. You heard it is Punta Gorda [Greensboro] but what time? Where is it going to be held? Who is in charge? Who can you contact for more information? Just ask them questions. What you are going to do is create a demand for information that they cannot ignore. Calls with the exception of some radio stations can be made throughout the day. Make them all at once or one an hour.

Now we do not want you all calling the same day so I have divided you up according to your last names.

If your last name begins with the letters:
“A” through “F” call on Mondays (every Monday till tax day)
“G” through “M” call on Tuesday   ”              ”       ”        ”
“N” through “T”  call on Wednesday ”       ”          ”          ”
“U” through “Z” call on Thursday      ”       ”          ”          “

Now remember to only ask questions about the tea party. Call on your day and have a good time.

Don’t forget to bring signs, a friend or two and something to drink.

I think that is such a fantastic idea! I wish I were so clever. This just shows how we can use the power of the “new media” to share ideas and  get OUR message across!

Some local media information:


  1. Doc Gillenwater said,

    On April 21, 2009 at 2:05 pm Doc Gillenwater Said:

    Here is an itinerary that most parties are going by.We need to join them.
    According to the tcotprojects schedule, there are ten nationally scheduled events, those are:

    The Schedule of Ten Nationwide Tea Parties:

    February 27, 2009 Theme: Repeal the Pork or Retire
    April 15, 2009 Theme: Repeal the Pork, Cut Taxes
    July 4, 2009 Theme: Repeal the Pork, Learn the Constitution
    September 2009 Theme: TBD
    November 2009 Theme: TBD
    February 2010 Theme: TBD
    April 15, 2010 Theme: Repeal the Pork, Cut Taxes
    July 4, 2010 Theme: Repeal the Pork, Learn the Constitution
    September 2010 Theme TBD
    November 2010 Theme TBD

    PLEASE send me your email addresses . We can’t quit now.

  2. Barb Barker said,

    Well, I kept looking for our event to show up on the Community Calendar(which I posted online) at the website and it never appeared. I had a chance to call them today and was given Brian Freeman’s voice mail so I left him a message and requested a call back. It’s now 6:27pm and he never called me back. I will call back in the morning! Pfffft!

  3. Doc Gillenwater said,

    Nathaniel Greene Statue, Sat.April 11 th, 1:00 pm.Pre-Tax Day meeting. Correct?

    Hope to see you all there.


    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      that’s right.

  4. Sr. Voter said,

    This morning on the Murphy in the Morning Show (radio station WKZL), he talked about the GSO Tea Party and he even gave this website. When you contact WKZL, ask them for more information on what Murphy was talking about.

  5. Sr. Voter said,

    Here is a link to all radio stations in the area:

    Link to High Point Enterprise (newspaper)

  6. Sr. Voter said,

    I just caught the end of a Tea Party story & video on WXII12 ( Sunday morning about 7:35 am). He mentioned a Tea Party in Charlotte. He may have been showing video of a Tea Party somewhere else and talking about the up comming Charlotte Tea Party.

    When you make your phone calls this week ask them about the story they did over the weekend. Ask them if there are any Tea Parties planned for the triad area.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Hmm. Interesting. Glad you caught that! I went to their site & tried to find the story online but didn’t see it. (Not that I spent a lot of time looking!) And that motivated me to add the contact information for them up in the list.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I’ve just been reminded that they were having the Carolina Sweet Tea Party yesterday in Charlotte. So that must be what they were reporting on and why they didn’t mention our local upcoming tea party. I’ve got some pics that I’ll try & upload this afternoon.

  7. Sr. Voter said,

    I’m in High Point and will be in GSO on the 15th. I’m still trying to get more people to join the Tea Party. I’m making signs today and will try to be at the meeting next Saturday.
    If someone organizes a Tea Party in High Point, I’ll go to it. I take care of my grandchild, who will be paying for the mess that Congress & Obama created, and don’t have the time to organize a High Point Tea Party.

  8. Doc Gillenwater said,

    FYI…….after our Tea Party in Greensboro there will be ample time to get to Raleigh to attend the one there at about 6 pm. A great opportunity to rub it in our governor’s face a little bit too. Know Bev know you’re not pleased with her job performance either.Remember she was the governor bragging on TV that she’d take any “Bailout” money that other governors turned down.

  9. Janice Williams said,

    HEY HIGH POINT…..IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE BUT ME? I know this rally is in Greensboro but we ALL live in this great nation. Our voices need to be heard. COME ON HIGH POINT…..GET INVOLVED or don’t complain when “big brother” comes after more of your cash!

    • Mike said,

      Oh, they’re out there Janice. They just aren’t bothering to get in the game…Most are simply too busy, or so they keep telling themselves (and everyone else). While the movement is indeed growing, it is very disheartening to observe the cavalier attitude of our friends and neighbors isn’t it?

      How many seemingly responsible citizens have you approached with an invitation to be a part of something that could change the course of this nation, only to get a quick excuse as to why it’s simply not “convenient” because it doesn’t fit their “schedule”.

      Do you think the leaders in Washington or Raleigh know about this apathy and take advantage of the situation? This article may help you form a hypothesis:

      By my best estimation this blog should be massive by now and packed wall-to-wall with comments, given the length of time it has been up, the number of participants who have found their way here, and the volume of phone calls, face-to-face exchanges, and emails that should have been circulated as a result of it’s creation and discovery.

      Are there people who are coming here to read and failing to make their visit known by declining to leave a simple greeting or word of encouragement? Absolutely!

      Let’s change that people! Don’t forget that the entities we are speaking out against are also monitoring our progress, and so far they are gauging the public sentiment by what is/is not published here. This is an opportunity to send that first warning shot across the bow, so load up and fire!

      If you don’t have the time to contribute now in this small way, odds are you won’t show up at the main event either…and statistics bear that out.

      As I understand it, on Tax Day all our Congressional Reps will be available in their home districts and should be invited to speak at local rallies. Don’t miss the opportunity to contact your Senator or Congressman/Congresswoman and invite them to explain this mess to us publicly. Call today!! Call tomorrow! Just call!! If you get a commitment then notify the blog Admin TeaPartygirl by publishing the good news here and on other threads.

      Come on people, LET’S ROLL!

  10. Kevin said,

    We need to band together and plan an in person visit to all the local media outlets in the Piedmont Triad. Dropping off a flyer in person will go much further than a call or email.

    This is a call to action. This is for real.

    We need have a meet up. “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

    • Janice Williams said,

      I agree…we need to have a plan. I’m in for a “meet-up” most any time. What can I do to help? Not familiar with GSO but I know where Fox 8 and The High Point Enterprise are.

  11. Mike said,

    The press release was sent yesterday to Yes Weekly, WFMY TV-2, WBAG, Brad Krantz at WZTK, Burlington Times News, Asheboro Courier Tribune, Chatham Journal, and the News and Record. Has anyone in these markets seen or heard anything from the listed media outlets?

    • Janice Williams said,

      I’m not in either of those markets but I will say I’ve yet to receive a reply to my e-mail I sent to Neill McNeill of Fox 8. My question is…is the local news media NOT going to cover any of this? We’ve got to do something to make our voices heard.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I haven’t heard from anyone except the Rhino Times. Now admitedly, I didn’t feel like putting my phone number on that press release but it DOES have my email addressbut no one has bothered to try contacting me and it’s not that hard to use the phone book. Is it?

      • Mike said,

        I would suggest phoning the TV stations and asking “If they will be covering the Greensboro Tax Day Tea Party for the evening news”. Phone every day, as many times as you like.

        I would imagine they will announce coverage of the event after the first thousand or so calls. The US Congress didn’t acknowledge the constituents until the switchboard got shut down now did it?

        Be sure and mention that “advertisers on the station won’t be contributing much ad revenue once they find out people are watching the other broadcasters in the market who actually cover the news”.

        Of course you can actually contact some of the local advertisers as well and ask them for support. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Tea Party commercial where some local businesses ask tax-weary shoppers to come save a buck or two shopping with a merchant who UNDERSTANDS? Now THERE is a marketing idea for some savvy merchant, and they won’t even have to put on a tutu!

  12. Janice Williams said,

    I have already e-mailed Channel 8 Fox (High Point)Neill McNeill about the tea party and asked if they would be doing a story. I’ve yet to hear back. Guess I need to jump on the horn again…and again…and again. Hey, I just want a yes or no….just answer me darn it! I say bug the heck out of the “non Fox” channels since they seem to be so biased against what we stand for.

  13. Barb B GSO said,

    I was thinking about calling in to WSJS AM 600/1200 Radio during their early am show and asking.

    Here is the link to their websites Contact Us page:


    I also “heard” that most of the local FOX stations will carry it but we need to start calling them now:

    Also, they have another link for News Tips:,0,1695232.htmlstory
    It’s a form that you fill out about a news story.

    I would say contact the Christian Radio Stations as well but I will let someone else look that info up due to time constraints right this minute.


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