August 3, 2009

Health Care Legislation

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:34 pm by gsoteapartygirl

If you go to the following website, they have a link for both an overview of the health care “reform” that is being proposed as well as a link to the actual text of the legislation.  If we can cite specifics from the bill when talking to our, ahem, “representatives”, it will really bolster our case against it. Here’s your link!

I was unable to make it to the Hands Off My Health Care! bus tour stop this morning, unfortunately, but heard that about 250 people came! Way to go! There’s another one tomorrow, 11:30 near Hanes mall in W-S. My son has a doctor’s appointment but that one should be really cool, with Virginia Foxx coming.

Kay Hagan told the N&R (from Sunday’s paper, can’t find the link online) “I have been hearing from North Carolinians who are rightly concerned about rising health care costs….Premiums are exploding. … The key is to get a bill to the president that stabilizes costs and provides security for families.”  For some reason, she failed to admit to hearing from any of those, like myself, (who’ve contacted her twice and nothing but a bounce back email in response) who are opposed to the socialized medicine plan they are attempting to ram through Congress.  So I guess we all need to tell her AGAIN!


  1. Sharon Peterson said,

    Regarding Kay Hagan. I’ve only gotten bounce back emails from her also. I’ve emailed her at least 4 times. I even typed a letter to her and delivered it myself to her office. I’ve gotten no response to that letter.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      All I get are bounce back emails. And then she has the gall to claim that she is hearing from a lot of people who are “concerned” about health care. Yes, but her implication that she’s only hearing from people who are for the government take over plan is just plain offensive.

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