August 5, 2009

Keep Up the Good Work!

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From News 14 Carolina:

Senators bombarded with calls about health care reform

By: News 14 Carolina Web Staff

Sen. Richard Burr’s office gets about 1,300 calls a day regarding health care.

RALEIGH — The offices of North Carolina’s U.S. senators are being flooded with calls about health care reform.

Staffers at Republican Sen. Richard Burr‘s office say they are averaging about 1,300 calls a day from people with questions and concerns about President Obama’s plan. Burr says health care reform is needed, but he’s not sold on the Democrats’ approach.“I think the American people want to fully understand what’s in it before there’s a vote,” he said. “I also think there’s a reluctance on the part of the American taxpayer for the country to go more in debt over the creation of a new program.”

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan‘s office says that about 85 percent of the calls it receives are regarding health care. Hagan has expressed concern over the cost of a government-run plan.

As Obama continues to push his plan for reform, experts expect a major showdown in Congress.

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  1. Sharon Peterson said,

    There will be a Tea Party on August 22,nd downtown at Government Plaza 12:00 noon. We are inviting our reps and senators, We don’t know if they will show up. Hope you all are there!

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