August 10, 2009

Alphabet Project, Part II

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Hey, everyone!  I think it’s time to dust this off and update this post a bit.

If you saw the post about the Energy Rally, the N&R is still providing some really biased coverage.  Maybe we should be happy they are covering these things at all….  Honestly, I hardly ever watch TV news so have no idea what they’ve been reporting but don’t really imagine that they are all especially “fair and balanced”.   So, once again, let the local media know what you think of their reporting on the issues!

Here’s the contact information for some local media outlets.  Tell ’em what you think of their coverage of the health care “debate” that’s been going on.  And can you really call it a “debate” if the opponents views are being stifled?  Turning in your friends to the government if you don’t like what they are saying doesn’t sound at all American too me — it sounds like 1984 or Animal Farm or Cuba or China or….

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