August 20, 2009

What is a Patriot?

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Got this in my inbox yesterday and thought it was pretty interesting.  I wish I had more time to add my two cents but since we may be going through a bout of swine flu at the house, I’ve been a bit distracted.  Whatever this is, it’s awful and I don’t wish it on anyone else (ok, maybe there are just a few people out there I might wish it on….).  Well, anyway, here you go!

My Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary defines the noun “patriot” as “a person who loves and loyally or zealously supports his own country.” The adjective “patriot” is defined as “devoted to the welfare of one’s country”.

Political correctness dictates that all Americans are by definition “patriots”. But do all Americans loyally or zealously support our country? Are the all devoted to America’s welfare?

I have over the course of the summer found myself increasingly asking these questions. And they came again to mind as I watched the attached clip from ABC News on the John Murtha Airport. Is Murtha a “patriot” for taking money from other Americans to build an unnecessary airport in his district? Are Murtha’s constituents “patriots” for being proud of the way Murtha has looted our money to pay for an airport that only 20 of them use each day? And this is going on all around America, not just in John Murtha’s district.

If we are to save America as we know it, Americans must come to realize that taking from other Americans is not patriotic; it is stealing. (emphasis mine)

Murtha’s boondoggle airport is a huge poster child for this behavior. But so is all the little petty thefts, supporting Obamacare because you fool yourself into believing you are going to get “free” medical care or the unnecessary road projects that appear in my district. Someone has to pay for these expenditures. Just because the check comes from the Federal Government doesn’t mean that little old taxpaying me in Texas, and millions of others like me, aren’t footing the bill. Somebody has to produce the wealth that gets taxed to pay for this abuse.


Do you think John Murtha deserves another term looking after our interest???

Jon Bauman
The Woodlands, TX

Well, isn’t he on to something here? Do you think it’s patriotic to expect other people to pay for the things that you enjoy? And remember, if someone else is paying for your health insurance (or whatever) so you don’t have to, that means that whatever you are buying with the money you are not spending on health insurance (that big ol’ flat screen TV and the cable you watch on it, for example) you might just as well have stolen from that person. Think about it.

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