August 21, 2009

Rally for Responsible Energy Policy — N&R biased coverage

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:18 pm by gsoteapartygirl

Here’s the link. Even though, they themselves admit that there were at least 6 times as many people inside the special events center protesting against the Cap & Tax legislation, the N&R managed to put in quotes from more people who are in favor of the bill.  They even managed to get in a jibe about “fake, astroturf” efforts funded by “big oil” and got Pricey Harrison to claim that the 300 people protesting were “oil employees or whoever they can get to look like there’s this groundswell opposition.”

I’m not going to call her any nasty names (although I’m tempted, given what’s been said about “tea party protesters” recently), but will just say that Ms. Harrison knows very well which side of the political aisle uses “fake” “astroturf” PAID “activists” and which side has regular people taking time out of their daily lives to protest legislation that could potentially crush the economy of the US.

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