August 26, 2009

A Matter of Trust

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:36 pm by gsoteapartygirl

Got this in my inbox today and it is SO TRUE.

Conservatives want Health Care Reform also. The entire issue is essentially one of “TRUST”.

The Liberals want the Government to use its heavy hand to make it happen. This requires a huge expenditure to create another monstrous and mindless Federal Government beaurocracy. They do not trust the People to get it done.

The Conservatives want to get the system fixed by using incentives, not mandates, to encourage the American people operating within the Capitalistic system to get it done. They do not trust the Federal Government to get it done.

The real question confronting us is whether we, as human beings, are going to continue to have the freedom to make our own choices; whether we continue to have our inalienable rights. ObamaCare takes those rights away from us with respect to medical care; a first step towards the ultimate elimination of our rights and the total subjugation of the American People. Obama is trying to break and “tame” us. Do not let it happen. Fight like your very lives depend on it, for they do.

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