September 9, 2009

More 9/12 Sign Ideas

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:03 pm by gsoteapartygirl

Ok I don’t really have time to cross-check these with my other list so hopefully there are no duplicates!  Definitely some winners in this batch!  How to choose, how to choose….

  • Liberty: All the stimulus we need
  • WWJD: What would Jefferson do?
  • Marx and Lenin were not our Founding Fathers
  • My VOTE makes me armed and dangerous
  • Can we bankrupt America? Yes we can!
  • Men who will not fight for liberty can lose it
  • Spread my work ethic, not my wealth
  • Cut taxes, not deals
  • Cap (your income) and Trade (your freedom)
  • Et tu, Sacramento?
  • Free Markets, Not Free Loaders
  • Patriots on the march
  • Read my teleprompter: No to Obamacare
  • World’s shortest list: Things government does well
  • Who’s in charge? We are!
  • God only takes 10%
  • Hey, Congress. I’m not a frickin ATM
  • Take back the country one sleazy politician at a time
  • Read the bill
  • Congress: Cesspool of corruption
  • I’ll keep my freedom. You keep the change.
  • Stop ripping off my grandkids
  • We’ve been PORKED!
  • You can’t spend your way out of debt
  • Capitalism creates jobs, socialism destroys them
  • Change we don’t believe in
  • Socialism: An unbroken trail of failure
  • Stop the war on prosperity
  • Bill Cosby: Welfare kills the human spirit
  • Honk if I’m paying your mortgage

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