September 14, 2009

Police Forcibly Shut Down PREAPPROVED Smithfield Patriots’ Day Event

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:02 am by gsoteapartygirl

This is exactly the kind of unconstitutional crap (sorry!) that the tea party protests are all about!!  The town of Smithfield PREAPPROVED an event for 9/11.  They said they were concerned about the use of a PA system since it might interfere with the local courts.  The protest was moved until 5pm to avoid any interference.  And yet, still, the police arrived and claimed the event was being help without a permit & would have to disband.  The organizers were told that no permit was needed.  Which is as it should be since permits are, as a rule, unnecessary for First Amendment Events.

We almost had something similar happen here on 4/15 — even though they had been told in advance, the city staff told one of the other organizers (not me) that if we didn’t sign their permit form, they would make everyone leave. I thought that would make some for some fun press, but the form was signed & we played nice with them and they were happy enough and we had a nice event.  But now ya’ll know how close we came to having something similar happen here.  This is far worse than that however, because the folks in Smithfield were told that they didn’t need a permit — they were not warned of the consequences if they didn’t “play nice”.  They are considering a lawsuit which seems only right.  Read on for the all the details.

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