December 21, 2009

Alphabet Project, Part III

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Hey, everyone!  I think it’s time to dust this off and update this post a bit again!

With the vote on the health care takeover bill imminent, it seems that Kay Hagan is no longer accepting communications from her constituents (although, while my emails seem to be ignored, they haven’t actually bounced).  How about if we give the local media a heads-up everytime we are unable to get in touch with her and let them know how unhappy we are that she is completely unresponsive to her constituents?  Here’s some contact info:


December 17, 2009

Sample Letter to Your Representative(s)

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Got this in my inbox the other day.  No reason for any of us to pay money for someone to print and mail these letters out for us.  Isn’t it more meaningful if it has our personal signature on it?  So here it is, just a start maybe but sometimes that’s all it takes to get those creative juices flowing!
Dear Senator (or Representative) ___________,
I am writing to express my concern over the actions being taken with regard to pending legislation. I am strongly opposed the 2010 budget as currently proposed with its 12% increase in spending and over 5000 earmarks. Do not vote to support the 2010 budget as drafted, the health care reform bill or the Cap and Tax bill currently in committee.
I am also strongly opposed to any effort by the federal government to take over the health care and energy sectors of our economy.
I am firmly committed to supporting candidates in the next election that support smaller, more responsible government and demonstrate fiscal responsibility relative to government spending and debt management.
Thank you for considering my position on these important matters.

December 7, 2009

AFP-NC Emergency Bus Trip to DC

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Hey, all!  AFP-NC has planned an Emergency Bus Trip to DC December 15th to show that we are not amused by the Senate’s plans to ram some sort of health “reform” bill down on throats in the middle of the Christmas season — a time of reflection, joy and relaxation as we wind down the year.   Go to the AFP-NC website to learn more and sign up: