February 24, 2010

Tea Party Party?

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It’s fine if tea party members are involved with any political parties of their choosing, of course, that is the American Way.  But what we must not do is to become beholden to any one party.

John Hammer wrote a few weeks back that “[t]he leaders of this grassroots movement have to make some decisions on how to channel all of this pent up energy, desire and anger.”

Personally, I’m completely disinterested in “channeling” anyone else to do anything that I want.  I believe that Tea Party folks need to become informed and make their voices heardnot form yet another political party doomed to failure or abuse and not do much more than help others become informed about this country and what it really stands for as a way to get our message across and convince others that what we are doing is right.  (This does include marching around with signs, protesting in front of politicians’ offices to get them to see our point of view, letter writing, etc).


February 23, 2010

Sidewalk Protest at Kay Hagan Event?

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In case you missed it, Scott posted this comment:

“Hagan will be at the Temple Emanuel on Jefferson Road in Greensboro for an interfaith event on Sunday, March 7, 7:30 p.m. LOVE TO GET A SIDEWALK PROTEST GOING TO LET HER KNOW WE ARE NOT WAITING FOR THE 15th or November elections to let us be known.”

I won’t be able to make it, but it is an excellent idea to let her know that we are still out here and still very unhappy with her blatant disregard for the concerns of her constituents.

February 17, 2010

Good News on the Education Front

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It seems that the state has decided not to modify the US history curriculum — for the moment. Good.

I’m sorry that I hadn’t gotten around to putting up a post about the state’s outrageous plans to drop teaching our children about the Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence and Civil War. “[H]igh school U.S. History course would begin with 1877, the end of Reconstruction, in order to give students and teachers time to study our nation’s history in more depth.”  But study what in more depth?  The 1960s? — heaven help us!

We’ve gotten a reprieve for now, but the Dept of Public Instruction continues to press ahead with modifications to the “social studies” curriculum.

You can find information about the scrapped curriculum here.  Hopefully they will update the news page so that it is current & I can put a link to the latest press release regarding the changes!

February 10, 2010

For All You Comics Fans….

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In case you missed it on Drudge: Marvel admits to “mistake” in controversial Captain America comic.  Apparently Marvel has Captain America on the trail of evil, racist Americans who are then depicted at what definitely appears to be a tea party protest.  Way to go Marvel.  There must be some comics fan out there who can give them hell.  Or just quit buying their comics.