March 16, 2010

2010 Tax Day Tea Party

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Conservatives for Guilford County is planning this year’s Tax Day Tea Party (that would be April 15th).  Location to be the same as last year, Governmental Plaza in downtown Greensboro, time is 5:30 PM.  For more information or to volunteer to help, please visit their Facebook page.

Here are the directions I cut & pasted from last year:

Directions to Governmental Plaza, Greensboro, NC:

Governmental Plaza is bordered by Washington St. to the south, Greene St. to the east, Market St. to the north, and Eugene St. to the west. The Rhino Times has very helpfully given us some more directions in this week’s issue. (But not on the internet so I can’t cut & paste.) It is apparently also called “McDonald Plaza” and is “between the Old Guilford County Courthouse on West Market Stree and the municipal building on West Washington Street. The plaza opens on to South Greene Street.” Much thanks to them!

Here’s the map:

Easy access from I-85 Business from either W. Lee St. or S. Elm Eugene. Access from west and north via Wendover Ave. to N. Elm St.

Here’s the link to public parking decks:

Thanks to Mike for finding these links!


  1. Jack Urban said,

    Hey fellow Tea Party Patriots, I just spoke with the Greensboro City office that provides the permits for protests etc. for todays Tea Party, I asked if there were any restrictions on the size of signs, posts that hold said signs etc. The pleasant young lady said that Government Plaza is a public area and that there are “NO” restrictions or rules for todays Tea Party at 1730 like there are for todays TP in Raleigh. See Y’all at the Tea Party, Jack

  2. Jack Urban said,

    Need to Know!
    I see the Tax Day protest in Raleigh has restrictions on protest signs, are there any restrictions on protest signs for tomorrows Greensboro Event!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Here are the rules about signs:

      You can have poles, but nothing bigger than a tomato stake and nothing made of metal.

      (I double-checked this with the GPD so it’s accurate.)

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  4. sherry said,

    Would certainly have been better if it could’ve been planned somewhere other than uptown, parking is terrible.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      There really aren’t a lot of good places to hold an event like this in Greensboro — especially if you aren’t willing to rent something like the Coliseum, where everyone who attends would have to pay to park. And, being downtown, this is a fairly visible location, not shut off completely from passersby.
      That being said, anyone could have stepped up and chosen to organize this year’s (or last year’s too) TDTP wherever he or she wanted!

    • Isabella Adkins said,

      We will have a group of 6 men directing parking for the Tea Party. They will also have maps of the parking deks and lots to handout to drivers.

      • EricX said,

        PLEASE help with the parking!
        Last event the retards at the city had ONE attendant at the municipal parking structure and as people were lined up to leave the police took off and didn’t help with the traffic (guess it’s not “serve and protect” anymore, just “harass and ticket”).
        One attendee walked up the line giving the Mayor’s office number to everyone with a cell phone… BRILLIANT! However, it only got 2 additional attendees there.
        Maybe the GPD will do their @#$%@! job and “serve this community” by sticking around and helping with the traffic.
        Maybe our polite, quiet, orderly protest lured them into a false sense they weren’t needed?

        Anyway, SEE YOU THERE~!

        Remember to bring friends and family and anyone who cares about America and is fed up with this irresponsibility and borderline tyranny!

        • gsoteapartygirl said,

          I put up your post, but you didn’t leave any way for anyone who wants to help to contact you. And I thought the police did a great job last year — we didn’t ask them to help with the parking so I guess they didn’t. I think if that is a service that you want, then you need to ask for it specifically (and maybe even pay the officers overtime or whatever to work it).

          • EricX said,

            “…but you didn’t leave any way for anyone who wants to help to contact you”
            Me or Isabella?
            The main problem last year I believe stemmed from the peaceful and orderly way the whole thing happened. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of and I think that’s why the police didn’t see the need to step in and do anything. However, I DID mention to one GPD Sergeant as we were on our way into the parking deck that there was a big crowd and we might need a little help getting out of the facility.
            Well, an hour later, with a blinding headache from carbon monoxide poisoning, when we did see the street, there were no law enforcement officers helping so I guess they didn’t take the hint seriously.
            This time, I believe they will assist since such a stink was raised about this last year.
            We learn from our mistakes, right?

  5. barry cartner said,

    What is on the agenda? My wife and I are discussing attending the Tea Party event to get a better feel for the cause.

    Barry C.
    Mocksville, NC

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I am not sure. I think there are going to be speakers and face painting and voter registration but I personally don’t know any of the details. Maybe someone involved with the planning will post a reply??

    • Isabella Adkins said,

      There will be 3 speakers on stage. Rush Radio will set up a Stand Up booth so people who attend can voice their concerns. There will be voter registration, patriotic face painting for children, Liber-Tea give away, Fair Tax and John Locke foundation will attend. We have also invited all the candidates and elected officials to join their consituents in a protest against high taxes, big governemnt, and high national debt.

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