April 19, 2010

UPDATE: Anti-Tea Party Protests

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What are they protesting?  Does anyone know?

Since the Tea Party movement is about promoting liberty and an adherence to our Constitution, how can any American be opposed to it?

Just wondering.

UPDATE: I was sent this YouTube from last week’s TDTP in Raleigh.  You can hear it from the horses own mouths as it were.  Most of these folks aren’t really making any sense to me and aren’t saying things that are relevant to the Tea Party at all but, well, watch for yourself.  It’s long but that’s because they interview several people.  Note that at least one of the “protesters” doesn’t even know what the sign she is holding says!  Guess she didn’t make it herself….

PS, last year, when I organized the GSO Tea Party, I didn’t have ANY funding and I’m 99% sure this years GSO TDTP was not funded by any “big wealthy right-wing organization” either.  And I KNOW all ya’ll who came are not Astroturf. LOL.

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  1. Robert Youngblood said,

    I would like very much to talk with the lady that was a key note speaker at the April 15th tea party in Greensboro. There was also a Cuban fellow taken from the audience that same day and gave his testimony on his experiences in communist Cuba.
    886-9106 cell
    861-0006 home

    Bob Youngblood

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