June 10, 2010

Who’s Violent??

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UPDATE 4: Big Government has some more background on Govenor Spencer.  It is looking more and more like this guy went out there on purpose to pick a fight — maybe he wasn’t thinking he’d be filmed?  Obama did tell his, er, followers to “get in their face”.  Nice.  They need to throw the book at him.  This kind of crap is the last thing our country needs.

UPDATE 3: Audio interview with Nathan Tabor on Big Government.

UPDATE 2: I noticed (on the cover of my June 10 Rhino Times) that “Mr” Spencer is wearing a February 1 1960 Sit-In Movement shirt while attacking Mr. Tabor.  Interesting.  Isn’t that the same group whose members insisted on being arrested at a City Council meeting a few weeks back?  I guess they just like to stir up trouble.  Note also, please, that his attorney is Joe Williams who wields a lot of power and influence within the black community here in Greensboro.*  And, just as an aside, the “coverage” in the N&R is really shameful.  I guess the N&R doesn’t want to report the facts about the incident because it goes against their storyline.

UPDATE: Big Government has picked up on the story.
Despite all the claims that tea partiers are a bunch of crazy, violent nut-jobs, somehow it always seems the case that it is those people who are in favor of increased government intervention, borrowing, taxing, spending and stealing from their fellow man who are the violent ones.  And now the violence has come to Greensboro.  Scary.  Fox8 has the story and raw video footage of the incident.  Nathan Tabor was attending a protest rally with his wife and 5-year-old daughter when a man named Govenor Spencer approached him, blaming everything on George W. Bush (what??).  They started arguing and Spencer pushed Tabor as he tried to walk away.  Apparently Spencer is claiming that Tabor pushed him first as he never would have started anything.  Right.    No one in his right mind gets into a fight with his child standing there.  No one.  But, the video makes it pretty clear who was the aggressor here.  Be careful out there!

* “Williams, who is black, is a leader of the Simkins PAC, which directs the black vote in Greensboro and Guilford County. He can make the difference in who gets to be mayor, a councilmember, a judge or district attorney.” From the Rhino Times.  And, this, from Yes! Weekly: “Williams at one time was a voting member of the Simkins PAC, a group of black leaders that interviews candidates for office, votes by secret ballot on which candidates to endorse and then mails its recommendations to black voters.”



  1. Scott said,

    Hello folks, I know that this has not been used in a while…but let’s get this group active again.

    With that being said, I wanted to invite everyone to watch a TV special on FOX BUSINESS as paid programming on the separation of Church and state!

    DATE: Sunday, September 30, 2012
    TIME: 5:00PM Eastern

    Additional broadcasts and local broadcast information will be available soon.


    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I’m SO TIRED of hearing about race all the time but your point is so valid — If tea partiers are a bunch of racists, how was “Mr.” Spencer able to walk away after punching Mr. Tabor? Wouldn’t the racist tea partiers have beaten him to a pulp and then bragged to all their friends? Sigh. Good question about the police. Maybe they were not informed ahead of time? The officer I dealt with last year was very concerned with keeping everyone safe and requested that I keep him apprised of any information on counter-protests, etc that might be relevant.

  2. Lady Patriot said,

    In case you are unaware that battery on a female is considered a more serious crime than on a male here in NC–your wife should press charges on that Spenser fellow for shoving her,that would make it two against one thus strengthening your case — Good luck to you and your wife :)

  3. Ann said,

    This is just wrong! Governor Spenser needs to be arrested for physically attacking someone and thank you Fox News for making this public. Mr. Spenser should be ashamed of himself.

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