August 13, 2010

Feds Forcing State Governors to Accept Schoolteacher Retention (i.e. Union bailout) Funds OR ELSE

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:41 pm by gsoteapartygirl

the Imperial Federal Government will just bypass the governors and dole out the money itself.    Here’s more information.

And some more details from Real Clear Politics on the specifics of the law, including this: “the $10 billion Education Jobs Fund can only be used to support the salaries of current teachers or to hire new ones. Funds cannot be used to “establish, restore or supplement a rainy-day fund” or to “supplant State funds in a manner that has the effect of reducing or retiring debt obligations incurred by the State.” Rather than reorganizing their expenditures, states have to spend more.”

This is clearly a tax payer funded bailout of irresponsible states (including our own) in hopes of buying some more Democrat votes come November.  Disgusting.


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