Call to Action

Ok I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do next, as well as bouncing ideas off of other people. Everyone who came to the tea party found out about it somehow, right? There are lots of organizations out there already who are working hard to promote liberty, freedom, justice — the ideals America was founded on. It would be counter-productive for us to try and reinvent the wheel.

To that end, this page is mostly going to contain links to resources and organizations that can help us continue moving forward.

Please keep the Tea Party Pledge in mind and make an effort (I know it can be hard) to stay informed about what is going on at all levels of government. The Tea Party movement encompasses lots of different issues; I can’t (and don’t want to) tell you what to think about any given issue or even which ones are important. We all have a responsibility as good citizens to be informed and aware and to make our ideas and opinions known to our representatives.

Please also seriously consider Jeff’s suggestion that we tell 5 people that we went to the tea party and why. Help spread knowledge and awareness — the more people who are aware of what is going on, the more of us there are who can work to make a difference.


Resources (this will grow) Please note the caveat that you should use your best judgment when signing up for newsletters (a separate email account is a good idea for these), etc. I’m hoping to find a site that will let you sign up for email updates of what your NC state reps are doing. Something really local would be good but we’d probably have to set that up ourselves at some point. You all have probably been to many if not all of these sites but they are just some places to go for information/inspiration.

Don’t give up!


John Locke Foundation’s Triad Site Find out what is going on locally. They’ve got A TON of information here so go check it out!

Tea Party Patriots The new name for the Tax Day Tea Party folks. This is a great place to go for information & inspiration!

MegaVote (at, register & they will send you email updates about upcoming legislation, links to email your congressmen and a summary of how your reps voted)

Cato Institute

Reason Foundation

Heritage Foundation

I’ll add more later, this is just a start (it takes me a while to go through this stuff!)



  1. Jodi said,

    How do I get in contact with Kevin Dockery?

  2. Sharon Peterson said,

    We talk action and we do a lot of emailing etc. Someone has stepped up. Two sites to check out.
    Talk about a call to arms! I think we should consider doing a grand jury here too. This will really be taking action!

  3. Mike said,

    I agree with what the rest of you have said. While it is important to make the phone calls and send the emails, it is also very helpful to actually visit with the legislators in person. If you cannot do so at their offices in Raleigh, then try to catch up with them when they are in the local offices and at home in the community during recesses and session breaks.

    It is also extremely important to be as knowledgeable as possible on the subjects you bring to the discussion so that you do not become static in their ears.

    To help with that, a forum has been set up at: for everyone to use as a sounding board and an educational tool. Please visit often and share information and ideas.

    Regional Categories have been established to network within your own geographical area of the state. Geographical regions will be networked as they grow, and smaller, more localized rural communities can add their local activities as new topic threads within the regions.

    Private Message features allow you to communicate with each other outside the main forum in order to help with more direct communication and local organizing. All-in-all this should become a very useful tool, and every localized teaparty group in North Carolina will receive an invitation to join in and contribute.

    Invite all who share your concerns to join you there and contribute. The site is set up free, hosted free, and has no organizational or political party driving it. There’s nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and simply a good opportunity to learn and grow the TEA family. Hope you’ll find it useful and informative!

  4. Susan Hodges said,

    I will continue to e-mail my represintatives and let them know what is important to me, and the future of my grandchildren. Let’s face it if we don’t, and they just listen to the lobbyists, media, and the ones that have the same agenda, then we really wouldn’t have a right to complain. I know at times it seems that they don’t listen, and it is easier just to let a few do all the work, but I believe from the bottom of my heart that we have “THE TRUTH” on our side, and just like the founding fathers, if “We The People” stand together and speak forth The Truth, once they see we will NOT back down or stop…They WILL LISTEN!! So, they are back from their break now…SO START YOUR E-MAILS and PHONE CALLS!!!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Susan. We all have to stay engaged. Thank you!

  5. Kevin Dockery said,

    The most important point of the plegde is to contact my elected representatives and let them know where I stand on the principles and issues.

    Everyone must make a effort to contact our elected officials. If we fail to focus on this very important point it will result in them continuing down their current path.

    Ignore the media, ignore the static, remain focused and the tide will turn. Stay true to the cause. Use the flyer that is on this website to make calls and email everyone you can.

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