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Please check out the new Tea Party Declaration of Independence which is at  I have been meaning to write something about how I feel, at least, that the tea party movement should remain independent of any parties and certainly doesn’t need to form a new one.  Check out my little post/rant to the right and please add your two cents!

GREAT news out of Massachusetts! Although I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now.

This is proof that the tea party movement is having an impact (and not just because bitter Dems keep complaining about us!).  People all around the country are starting to wake up and see what is happening and they don’t like it.  But of course we still have plenty of battles to fight….  Fortunately, with the entire House up for reelection in November and even politicians in CA getting freaked out, things are definitely looking up!

Ok, what has been happening with this health care “reform” bill is just disgusting and offensive.  Buying votes?  What kind of person sells his vote?  Several senators have done it and I’m sure more will come out when people finally figure out what’s in the bill.  Let’s keep contacting Kay Hagan and she if she is willing to vote for what is best for NC.

Are We Making Any Difference?

Keep the inspiring letter from below, but also, there’s more good news.  According to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll,  41% of respondents have a favorable view of the Tea Party Movement, while Democrats have a 35% positive rating and Republicans have 28%. (They’ll be releasing the entire poll at 6:30 tonight.)

Local Coordinators from around the country are constantly asked, “Are we making a difference? Why don’t they listen to us? We had 2 million people in DC and they still voted for Health Care in the House, what more can we do?” The answer is yes, we are making a difference!!

The Senate still has not voted on Cap and Trade and their goal was for that to be law by now. The Senate is working furiously to pass government takeover of health care by the end of the year now. But, the kicker is, the Senate and House Leadership expected this bill to be out of Congress (both the House and the Senate) before the August recess. We held them off and stalled the vote. The House vote was so close that had less than 5 Congressmen voted differently it would not have passed. The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid still does not have the votes lined up. Many elected officials fear that voting contrary to the wishes of their constituents voiced in the Tea Party movement will result in them losing their next elections.

We have become vigilant and we are recruiting others to do so as well. Together, each and everyone of us is making a difference.

There is a little more that we can do, however, and that is to be sure and let our Republican senators and representatives know that we support them and that we do not want this health care “reform” bill to pass.  How can we expect them to fight hard for us if they are not entirely sure of what we want?

So, keep contacting Kay Hagan, but also, let’s also contact Richard Burr and let him know we support what he is doing and expect him to do everything in his power to defeat this horrible “reform” bill!

I’ve relocated the contact information for your representatives to an actual page so it will be easier to find from now on — it’s over on the right hand side. The national reps are kind of down the middle. We should also be sure and contact the ones who are opposed to nationalized health care so they know that we are standing by them!

Here’s the link to a new project that I’ve been working on. It’s a blog with a focus on issues that affect us especially here in Greensboro/Guilford County. It has lots of information on local issues.  Please check it out and post a comment to let us know what you think!



  1. Scott said,

    A letter sent to Sen. Hagen today:

    If Democratic officials are planning to forward a presidential proposal being written so that it could be attached to a budget bill as a way of averting a Republican filibuster in the Senate, it will be a lot quicker sweep in November!

    The procedure, known as budget reconciliation, would let Democrats advance the bill with a simple majority rather than a 60-vote supermajority…for small budget items and NOT MAJOR SWEEPING CHANGES TO 1/4 to 1/3 of the economy!

    I will be the end of the Democrat rule for a very long time, if it is used in this way will and can be used again in the future when the tables are turned.

    What happened in VA, NJ and most recently in Mass, is nothing but a growing foundation that the majority is not going to have something crammed down our throats.

    The working middle class are tired of paying taxes and services just because a few are pushing for their causes.

    Leave my healthcare alone with my company, as we are well taken care of because our company cares. It will always be you start out without health care and work your way up…in terms of industries and positions.

    If Congress wants to make a REAL CHANGE, scrap the current plans/bills/trickery and use the kiss method:

    Make meaningful changes in 200 pages or less:

    1. Tort reform.

    2. Open up healthcare to national plans that would spread risk.

    3. Offer a tax credit if you take out insurance, that is transferable if your company offers Health insurance; it would go to them.

    4. Do not make mandates for: sex changes, abortion (for birth control), hair transplants, and the like…make it be healthcare, not lifestyle care!

    5. Make it transportable between jobs and states if you buy it own your own.

    6. No pre-existing conditions.

    7. Have a basic plans with high deductibles and “Gold Plated” plans for companies that want to attract the best and the brightest, thus an incentive to work for the company without being penalized as the employer or the employee!

    8. Do not cover illegal aliens and those that are traveling here on vacation from other countries (if I am in Germany or Sweden I am not covered when traveling there!).

    9. If people choose to not get coverage, and they want to have fancy cars and boats instead of being responsible…then they should pay the Doctors and Hospitals when services are rendered if they can afford insurance, and if they can’t they can get Medicaid or Medicare (that is there now). NO MANDATES, fines or taxes to those that do have coverage!


  2. Scott said,

    Hagan will be at the Temple Emanuel on Jefferson Road in Greensboro for an interfaith event on Sunday, March 7, 7:30 p.m. LOVE TO GET A SIDEWALK PROTEST GOING TO LET HER KNOW WE ARE NOT WAITING FOR THE 15th or November elections to let us be known.

  3. Jodi said,

    Hello North Carolina Tea Partiers,

    I would like to invite Greensboro Tea Partiers to a political meeting I am holding at my house on Saturday, February 6th.

    Where: Westmount Drive Greensboro, NC
    When: Saturday, February 6th 7:00pm
    Dessert and Coffee Served
    RSVP: to Jodi 508-5610

    I am not only focused not only on recruiting conservative candidates for the 2010 Guilford County Elections, but also creating volunteer teams who are willing to give of their time, talents and resources to help Conservatives get elected this year. Our local GOP has been “moderate leaning” for quite some time and we are ready to help correct it’s course by shifting it’s focus back to traditional conservative values. You can help us do just that.

    My husband and I, personally, are going to contribute video production resources to conservative candidates in Guilford County. By producing TV commercials and videos for Youtube and Facebook we will help spread the message of the “Revitalized Right”. I think this will be a very exciting time to get involved in the political arena.

    We are actually holding our first strategy session tomorrow night and I ‘m sorry I didn’t think of inviting you sooner. But, if you would like to find out more about what we are planning, please feel free to come to my home this Saturday evening…. January 16th!!

    The President of the Guilford County GOP (Bill Wright) will be here for our strategy session and I think he would be very happy to meet fellow NC Conservatives.

    Thanks, Jodi

    • lmkitties said,

      I would very much like to network with y’all in Greensboro. I’m with the OBX TEA Party Patriots over in Kill Devil Hills, NC. We are just getting off the ground and dealing with similar issues as you all. We are working on planning and executing a strategy that is going to lead to tangible local results. I don’t like to put my email in posts due to spammers but my blog is

    • Mike said,

      Jodi- You may be interested in reaching out to James Taylor at 910-691-2486 or

      James will be announcing cadidacy Friday the 29th of January in LIBERTY, NC – all are welcome to attend the event at the Liberty Theater from 6-8:30 pm.

    • Ken said,

      “We should educate Tea Party members about how the electoral process works, and how to be very effective – either as a candidate or as a campaign worker.

      The Leadership Institute offers courses training us, and they will come to Greensboro if a group of us each pitch in a few bucks. Jodi’s idea of gathering local patriots to support pro-freedom candidates is a good idea. Let’s form a non-partisan PAC (political action committee) to hold politicians accountable both before AND after the Fall races. I have experience running non-partisan PACs and working within the elections system, so I will volunteer to set up a PAC and be the Treasurer if we can get volunteers from throughout Guilford County to help organize campaigns. We can regain control of our county government and send a message to Raleigh if we plan and execute well!”

      *A note from teapartygirl: I posted this for Ken which is why it has my icon next to it. It’s really NOT from me though!

  4. Jack Urban said,

    I feel your pain LARRY!
    But unfortunately the following pompous mind-set shown by James Clyburn is what permeates our dear Representatives in both state and federal governments,
    I will keep attending Tea Parties, making phone calls and make the trek to Washington as needed; but I have come to the conclusion that our only REAL hope is in November of 2010 we start removing the garbage from DC, and in 2012 elect a true American Patriot and Washington outsider “Sarah Palin” to finish removing the bureaucratic garbage we have allowed to represent us. If nothing else, Obama has awakened the sleeping Patriots to take back our country. Jack

  5. Jack Urban said,

    August 28, 2010 all day – Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC
    August 28, 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King delivered the “I Have a Dream” speech. “By speaking the way he [Dr. King] did, he educated, he inspired, he informed not just the people there, but people everywhere.

    Hey Gang, This may be a bit early to talk about a Tea Party next summer, but for me it is something tangible to look forward too, and the timing could not be better for the upcoming elections in Nov. Glenn said a couple of weeks ago that he was diffidently going to be at the Lincoln Monument in DC on 28 August 2010 for the above rally. This will be the rallying call for the Patriots to start voting the garbage out of Washington on Nov 4, 2010. I pray a million Patriots show up at the Lincoln monument to save our country from the tyranny that has befallen us. Jack

  6. Jack Urban said,

    I am totally Frustrated that all our Tea Party
    efforts and trips to Washington by We the Ignored seem to have fallen on deaf ears!!

  7. Jack Urban said,

    Hey, I have been to 5 Tea Party’s and have made two trips to Washington (9.12, and to meet with Michelle Bachman) and frankly I am getting very frustrated that all our efforts seem to have been in vane.
    The problem is the Congress does not care what we think and are blindly following Obama’s Marxist agenda and we the people be damed. I think what is needed is to shut down the county with a nation wide strike; get all the independent truckers to park their rigs blocking traffic from coast to coast and do not move until we the people are heard. If Obama care comes to pass, and we are told to pay up or go to jail; I am willing to sit in jail; how about you? Signed a very frustrated Jack Urban

    • Cindy said,

      I know everyone is frustrated but I still believe all our hard work has let Congress know where we stand and if there is anyone willing to stand up we will be right behind them! If we didn’t let them know how we felt they wouldn’t be willing to fight for us. We have told them what we think and now we have to show them when we vote. Everyone has to stay strong and organize for the 2010 elections. I have been supporting finacially when I can since I can’t get to the parties like I would like to. We can’t let Obama and the socialists destroy our country!

    • unclefuzzy said,

      The buttheads in Washington want everyone to give up and feel defeated. One senator told a reporter that “if they ignore us, we will go away”. That’s why we have to keep up the fight – so they will know that WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!
      I like Jack’s ideas, but Obama is so self centered and arrogant that he would still ignore everything. He doesn’t care about the will or wishes of the American people.
      Keep up the calls and letters to your senators and representatives. And yes, even to the great dictator Obama.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Ok, I took this thread off, but kept it around because I do feel that it’s an important issue. It’s just taken me a very, very long time to think of what to say in response. We are all getting super frustrated since our “representatives” continue to ignore us and the “mainstream” media continue to ignore us as well. Got something interesting in my inbox this morning that may make us all feel a little better. I’ll post it above.

    • Larry Loller said,

      I to am very frustrated, I sent this letter to the W/S Journal in the hope that others that feal the same way would fimaly do something.

      I am very troubled by the way Sen. Kay Hagen has been handling herself. I have been trying to contact her for the last 10 days to express my dissatisfaction on how she was planning to vote for the healthcare bill. Her vote was in total disregard of what we the people wanted. We all want the healthcare system in this country fixed. We did not want 100-plus new taxes, fees and penalties. Who is she to tell me that if I don’t want healthcare I should be fined and/or jailed? I took an oath when I went into the USAF to uphold the constitution and defend it from all enemies. This is the same oath Sen. Hagen took when she took the oath of office. By voting for this bill Sen. Hagen has violated that oath and the public trust. It is time Sen. Hagen was removed from office. She no longer is a representative of the people of North Carolina or the Constitution of the United States. She has prostituted herself for money and power from our government and its illegal rulers. Every North Carolinian should be outraged by Sen. Hagen’s actions. Regardless of your political affiliations, whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Non-Affiliated, as I am, we have been slapped in the face by Sen. Hagen. We cannot let this wrong against us go unpunished. She must be removed from office. I am going to do everything I can to see to it Sen. Hagen is recalled and removed from office. I will get behind anyone who can get this done.

      • Cindy said,

        Like you, I to am frustrated with Hagan. I agree she should be recalled but then so should most of Congress! We will probably have to wait and vote her *** out of office just like the rest of those jerks.
        We have to stay strong and organized so they hear us loud and clear in the 2010 elections. I promise if things go the way we expect them to it will get Hagans attention (but it will be to late for her)! She needs to go in 2012.

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        Unfortunately, there is no provision to recall a US Senator in NC — I looked into it month’s ago! There is probably a way to get our state representatives (governor, perhaps?) to recall her, but that would entail help from them which I am not optimistic about receiving.

  8. John Leonard said,

    We are organizing an anti health bill rally for Greensboro. We need help! We are in the infancy stages right now, but time is of the essence with a potential Senate vote looming. Check the blog for more info:

    We need a ton of help. But we can be heard, and make a difference. I know it’s tough with the holidays upon us, but that is what the supports of this bill want! They want us to get to involved in everything else and be too busy to speak out against it.

    Please help us. The needs are on the blog. If you can help with anything please email:

    Thanks and God Bless America

  9. Mark Hager said,

    Deborah Johns with the Tea Party Express has asked for all NC groups to rally with them at Beaufort, SC Tuesday Nov 10! I’ve heard from groups in eastern NC as well as those in the Charlotte / Statesville are that are preparing to leave! I’m just spreading the word! Let’s go!

  10. Sharon Peterson said,

    Move on had a rally in front of Sen. Hagan’s office today. “WE” had about 30 people show up to protest their rally. The people there were none that I knew, but the signs were for less taxes, wanting ABC,NBC CBS and CNN to hear us now, and Hands off our Health care posters.

    And again, in spite of the rain that kept several people that I know from showing up, it was a fun time standing along the side of the street waving to passing cars and the many people who tooted their horns, or gave a thumbs up, or wave and a smile as they drove by. Channel 2 was there and they were taking a lot of pictures of us! Hope we make the news.

  11. Mike said,

    I have put together this special presentation for:

    1) Those who were unable to attend the 9-12 DC Rally

    2) Those who went, but would like a broader perspective of the event.

    3) Most especially those who will fall victim to misinformation and/or suppression of actual events.

    I hope all will enjoy the images and remember this day. Like it or not, this was an historical event that will change the course of American history.

    Please visit the following links for viewing of the images:

  12. Michael said,


    Saturday, Sept. 12th 12-2pm in
    Governmental Plaza, Downtown Greensboro NC

    It’s called BRING HOME THE POLITICIANS which calls for relocating US Congress to our State Capitals and State Congress to our City Halls/Courthouses to securely telecommute for no less than 75% of their
    terms while we surround them.

    • Sharon Peterson said,

      Michael, you did a really great job on your talk and presentation.

  13. Sharon Peterson said,

    I was at the rally on Aug. 22nd. In spite of the doctors not showing up to speak, and the horrible storms before and after the event, it was a success. In all, I counted 200 people. I’m sure there were a few more. We had speakers and Kevin opened it up to a Town Hall type thing and let other’s come to the podium and speak. Most interesting was a young man who said they have a plan to end this Washington DC mess. His site is: It’s a plan they are going nationwide with and is calling for those who are voted in on a US level, to spend no less than 75% of their time in the state they are elected in. It also calls for state reps to spend more time in the districts they were elected to represent. It keeps everyone more in touch with the local people. He pointed out that the Constitution of the United States states that the senators and representatives are required to meet only 1 day a year. And something about the Seat of Government that is mentioned in every state constitution, and this plan would keep the local representatives at the local levels.

    YES I would say it was a good rally. There is a petition to sign on the bring home the politicians site, and I urge other’s to check it out.

  14. Tea Party Talk Show – FREE Streaming @

    Please announce to your members.

    Mike and Spike – talk show hosts FIRED for asking “Where is Obama’s Birth Certificate?” now have a free streaming Tea Party Talk Show at

    8:AM – 10:AM Central LIVE / The show loops for the rest of the day so you can tune in at anytime and still chat with other listeners!

    Spike Harville

  15. beeler said,

    Just to give everyone a heads up:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. -Wednesday, August 12, U.S. Senator Kay R. Hagan (D-NC) will tour HealthServe Community Health Center in Greensboro. Following the tour, Senator Hagan will hold a media availability to discuss the need for comprehensive health insurance reform in America.


    WHAT: Senator Hagan to hold media availability following her tour of HealthServe Community Health Center
    WHEN: Wednesday, August 12, 12:30 PM
    WHERE: Front Entrance, HealthServe Community Health Center, 1002 S. Eugene St., Greensboro

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Thanks for posting this — I didn’t see it earlier.

  16. Sharon Peterson said,

    I hope everyone who was at the April 15 Tea Party, comes to the one on Aug.22, 2009. Same place as the first one we had, it will be at 12:00 noon. WE are inviting all our reps and senators, but we don’t know if they’ll come.

  17. Monica said,

    Went to the GSO counterprotest. There were about 25 folks there and about 100 of “us”. We did engage many of them in conversation (heated but respectful) and most could absolutely NOT string two sentences of coherent thought together. They have no facts, only their “talking points”. Our group was obviously better informed and educated. We actually “interviewed” a few of them (video) and plan to put together a little documentary. Their incoherent rambling is quite entertaining.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Oooh great! I don’t see anything about it in the N&R (no surprise). Please post a link if you get the documentary video put together! Was there any media there? (I would think since it was a moveon thing they would be itching to go) If not, would you (or someone else who went) be willing to write a letter to the N&R and Rhino about it? I think it would be great to get some publicity about this, especially as it shows what people REALLY think about a government “option”. The more people understand about what that really means for their healthcare, the more who will be willing to speak up.

  18. unclefuzzy said,

    I was just reading where was planning a protest at Kay Hagan’s office on Thursday, July 10th. Unless she has changed her schedule, she is usually at her Green Valley office on Fridays. If that is the case, wouldn’t it be better to make a showing on Friday at her office? To get to her office, take the elevator to the 2nd floor and make a U-turn to the left. You will recognize her office by the wooden door with an electronic security lock. The size of the 2nd floor lobby will hold quite a crowd also.
    I know the people that provide security for that building. Should I alert them to the possible trouble that may cause and have them blocked? This may work if they go on Thursday and We The People go on Friday. Then again, CBL owns that property and may consider it private instead of public property.

    • Mike said,

      The event on Thursday July 10th is planned for the Raleigh office on New Bern Ave.- Check with to see if they have something in mind for Friday in Greensboro.


    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      That would be private property. I believe the parking lot is also private property, so if you wanted to protest you would need to be on the sidewalk on Green Valley Road. However, you could go into her office as a private citizen, not protesting, it would seem.

      • Mike said,

        That is correct teapartygirl.
        Stop by, form a line at her office (no signs, chanting, etc.) and sign in to speak to her or one of her staff. (When signing in, you can make a notation of any group affiliation for emphasis)

        Simply go and visit your Senator to explain your views on government run health care. It IS your right!

        If everyone decides to show up on the same day to express their opinion there is no harm-no foul.

        Make the best use of your time there and network with each other, being aware that the folks might be in line with you as you are waiting to speak to someone.

        If someone from Triad Patriots could be there to collect contact info from visitors it would go a long way in the organizing effort locally.

        • Sharon Peterson said,

          I’m willing to show up, but want to be others when I do. So is this going to be with posters? Or without posters? I just need to know when.

          • gsoteapartygirl said,

            I think you should probably not bring posters if you are in the office since it is private property & they could kick you out for protesting on their property. But if you are just going to be outside on the sidewalk along Green Valley then you could probably have a poster. That would make more of an impact on people driving by. NCFreedom ( has a sign up page for a Greensboro protest — that’s probably the best place to go for more info!

    • Sharon Peterson said,

      I know this is a little late, but I too was at the counterprotest. I got there just a little late, and when I walked up to the crowd, not realizing that the first person who greeted me, was with Move On. She didn’t even have a poster or little lable saying who she was. She asked me if I wanted their handout, and I said “sure”. I asked her if she was with the T party. She said, “Oh no, they’re way over there! and since you’re with them, you don’t need the hand out!” And she took it from me! I mean! She GRABBED it! I too talked with several. One lady, nicely dressed, had this whiney “I can’t afford health insurance!” She approached several of us with that line. She got highly incensed when I told her she could go down to public health and get the pap smear she seeemed so bent on getting and not having to pay for! I’d say they were a whiney bunch. And they really couldn’t outdebate us! Another of our group told her if she couldn’t afford health care, even though she had her own business, that she needed to get a part time job like other people were doing. It was a fun time!

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        I’m sad that they won’t try and debate with us. But I think it’s because they don’t have any rational arguments to use. Everyone in this country who needs emergency care can already get it — regardless of ability to pay. And, as you pointed out, there are also tons of programs to help people who can’t afford it get preventive care and check ups too. It seems like too many people want to abdicate their responsibility for their own body to the government. And how terrifying is that??

  19. Today
    “We the People”
    Declare our Independence
    July 4, 2009

    9 AM-Guilford Courthouse National Military Park Visitor Center.

    10AM-Procession to the Nathanael Greene Monument Lawn.
    The Memorial Service honoring the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, William Hooper and John Penn, will begin. Please be reverent, and proud. The park is a beautiful treasure and you will enjoy it’s rich history. We will also be poised for a great big photo of T.E.A. folks. Remember this is a silent protest, if we must call it that. It is an Affirmation of our Founding and the Principles of limited government and individual rights that we are bringing attention to the public. After the service, please enjoy the park. They will have cannon demonstrations, musket firings, etc.

    12 noon-Country Park Lunch
    Gather at Shelter #7 for a All American Hot-dogs, iced tea, and maybe an apple pie. This shelter is located in Country Park next to the battlefield and was the site of the third line of defense of General Greene’s Regulars. It is a short walk through the woods from the Greene Monument. You may also park at the very North End of JayCee Park and walk 100 yards to the Shelter. This lunch should be over by 2. In time for some swimming and the 5:00 Kirkwood Fourth of July Parade.

    “We the People are Taking Back Our Country”

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Have you talked with the people who are organizing the memorial service?

    • Lori said,

      Hi fellow Tea Partiers! I’m with Charlotte tea party; wanted to share with you a flyer that I created to inform the 6 reps in NC that we’ve made them a target. I have faxed it to their offices myself but will print some up for our tea party on the 4th.

    • Joseph DiBacco said,

      Too bad the Guilford County GOP has done nothing to promote this event. They have an email list of all those that have volunteered going back to 2004.

      No wonder conservitives are wandeing in the wilderness. Not only is our leadership weak nationally, we appear to have NO leadership in Guilford County.

      It looks like we’ll just have to wait for Sarah Palin to take center stage to get our party back on track and in the game.

      GOD BLESS AMERICA – And all who love liberty and freedom and the brave men and women who gave their blood for this the greatest nation on earth.

      See you at the park.

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        You’re assuming the Guilford GOP even knew about the event. The tea parties are not partisan events and, at least here in Guilford for sure, are not sponsored by any party. So the only way the GOP would know about any local tea parties is if the organizers told them. (I’m not involved in planning this one at all so don’t know how much, if at all, they have been in touch with the media or anyone else to promote today’s event.)

        Please remember though that a large part of the power of the tea party movement is that it is truly a grassroots movement — we are sure to stumble some along the way but if people can see we are genuine, that can help convince them of the truth behind our words.

    • Mike said,

      Area group leaders please take note:

      You are requested to contact at your earliest convenience. Click on this link and join with other groups across the state to consolidate efforts statewide.

      Raleigh Independence Day TEA Party photos have just been uploaded here:

      • Mike said,

        When contacting NCFreedom be sure and ask about this weeks rally in Greensboro outside Kay Hagan’s office and how you can help. is planning to pressure Hagan to vote for socialized health care with a protest rally there, and we need our opposing voices on the ground to counter their move. NC Freedom needs you!

  20. Karen said,

    Will we be meeting at the same spot for the July 4th TEA Party?

    Noon right?

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I don’t know!! I am not personally planning anything this time. I’ve been trying to see if anything is planned for Greensboro. If I find anything out, I’ll post it right here at the top of the page. I’ve been thinking about dusting off my signs & going to a local parade but don’t really want to be the only one….

  21. Triad Patriot said,

    Greensboro is organizing at Triad Patriots. Please visit the site for daily updates and information for the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina.

    Visit our site at

    • Patriot Kate said,

      Triad Patriot,

      Do you have e-mail contact? Couldn’t find it on your website. Not everyone likes or uses Facebook. Also, what is planned for Greensboro? I only see something for W-S over July 4th weekend.

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        Looks like you can send email to kevin, jeff or keith at…. It is also looking like they do not in fact have permission to protest at Guilford National Military Park as they have a post that says if you bring signs, you will be kicked out. I didn’t notice a W-S event for 7/4. Personally, I think the Raleigh event seems a bit bigger & better organized. Hopefully they’ll get some good media coverage on it!

  22. Kevin Dockery said,

    From the completion of the Meet Up last night it was decided to create a new Website for The Piedmont Triad of NC.

    We have created a website dedicated to further the cause. The main focus will be to keep everyone informed and up to date both here in NC as we prepare to rally in Raleigh on July 4, 2009 at 3PM and on the national level with links and information on how to stay engaged with your local and state reps.

    The new website is

    We are also utilizing Facebook and

    The links are added to the new website.

    We will also have a blog to stay in touch and contact information for direct contact with all the organizers for the next phase of our cause.

  23. Cindy said,

    I realize this is a huge comment but it is important.
    Please read…I can’t attend but for anyone that can it will be a very exciting I’m sure.

    There is something going on in America. Citizens who, before, cared very little about politics are now coming out in droves, protesting big government and its leaders. Citizens are no longer willing to stand by while elected officials raise taxes, “bail out” entire industries, and send their children and grandchildren into debt. This grassroots movement in America has spoken loud and clear: “We’re not going to take it anymore!”

    Join Steve Moore of The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, along with your fellow North Carolinians at the Coastal Conservative Conference in Wilmington on Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd to construct an action plan that will restore conservative values throughout North Carolina.

    Governor Purdue and the lawmakers in Raleigh continue to propose steep tax increases in the state. You and I need to tell them that we need fiscally conservative policies in these tough economic times, not the same old tax-and-spend policies that they’re trying to pass.

    Friday, May 1st
    When: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Where: Northside Baptist Church
    Family Life Center
    2501 North College Rd
    Wilmington, NC

    Saturday, May 2nd
    When: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Where: Wilmington Christian Academy –
    Grace Baptist Church
    1401 North College Rd
    Wilmington, NC


    The Coastal Conservative Conference is focused on educating, communicating, and motivating North Carolina’s voters about conservative principles you and I hold dear.

    The conference consists of seven work sessions to debate and decide with policy experts what will be included in this plan. The decisions made in these sessions will be distributed throughout North Carolina to unite the many Conservative organizations throughout our state to promote working together to achieve a unified goal.

    Speakers and experts include:

    • Steve Moore, The Wall Street Journal / Fox News
    • Tim Phillips, President, AFP
    • John Hood, President, John Locke Foundation
    • Pat McCrory, Mayor, Charlotte
    • Baker Mitchell, Founder, Roger Bacon Academy
    • Justice Robert Orr, Exec. Director, NC Institute of Constitutional Law
    • Les Merritt, Former NC Auditor
    • Cathy Heath, STOPNCAnnexation
    • Curtis Wright, The Big Talker FM

    Register today to join us May 1-2 and make your voice heard! For more information please call 919-839-1011.


    Dallas Woodhouse
    Director, Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina

    Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF) is the nation’s premier grassroots organization committed to advancing every individual’s right to economic freedom and opportunity. AFPF believes reducing the size and scope of government is the best safeguard to ensuring individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans. AFPF educates and engages citizens in support of restraining state and federal government growth, and returning government to its constitutional limits.

    For more information, visit

  24. Kevin Dockery said,

    If you want to watch the Greensboro Tea Party Meet-Up Live on the internet click the link below on April 22, 2009 at 6:15 PM.

    You will be able to watch, listen and ask questions Live!

  25. Gerald Hutchinson said,

    Folks, time to put your Intentions into Action. Time to call your representatives here in NC!!

    The NC General Assembly will be debating (and possibly voting on) a resolution asserting state Sovereignty according to the 10th amendment to the US Constitution.

    Help stop the growth of the US Government!! Government always seeks to grow, accumulate power, and corruption, squander, bureaucracy and abuse only follows. States are protected from the power grab that Washington desires by the 10th amendment.

    Read the legislation here:

    Let your voice be heard!

  26. Kevin Dockery said,

    I posted this on Facebook, please RSVP to come.

    Greensboro Tea Party Meet-Up
    Our first organized meeting – RSVP
    Host: Greensboro Tea Party
    Type: Meetings – Club/Group Meeting
    Network: Global
    Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009
    Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
    Location: Dockery Home-White Brick House
    Street: 1701 River Knoll Court
    City/Town: Greensboro, NC

    Phone: 3365081600

    We will meet at my house here in Greensboro, NC.

    A YouTube broadcast will be availible to watch after the meeting.

    Topics covered;
    Leadership needs
    Website address
    Reaching out to the community
    Next Rally

    Kind Regards,

    Kevin Dockery

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Video of Meet-Up invite

  27. Jack Urban said,

    4th of July 2009 march on Whitehouse:

    Someone mentioned yesterday a dedicated web site specifically for a march on Washington. The march website could be liked to every other Patriot website; folks could log on and annotate if they would attend. As far as a leader goes that would be great too; but if we have a dedicated to the march website the website could be the leader. Is there anyone out there with the expertise to develop such a website, and of course what do my fellow patriots think of the idea. Also I feel a march on the 4th of July would be very symbolic because we our fighting to keep our Constitution and the principles that made our country the greatest, freest country on earth. I have thought for awhile that a march on the Whitehouse was about the most important statement we the ignored could make to get our message out; I have read many posts from others that feel the same way. It is good there are many Tea Party websites; but I think the best way to pull of the march is to have ONE WEBSITE for clarity sake! What-a y’all think!
    Jack “E Pluribus Unum”

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Here’s a link to the group planning July 4th events. No need to reinvent the wheel. I will add it to a “resources” page or some other more obvious place on the site as soon as I can.

    • unclefuzzy said,

      I think a rally in Washington is vital to our cause. Even though the 4th of July would be very symbolic, I think an earlier date (if possible) may be better. Not only will the heat and humidity be hard on older folks and people with breathing problems, but the knotheads in D.C. will be on vacation and miss the whole event. They are the ones that need to feel the wrath of the people.

  28. I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with Jeff Penley in regards to our homework assignment. I would also challenge each of us(myself included) to go one step further than simply contacting our current representatives in congress and letting them know how you feel about their runaway spending habits. (more on that below)

    I too am willing to give of my time, effort and resources to continue to grow our local movement. Someone please contact me and let me know what I can do to help(I have experience in marketing, recruiting and business management and am willing to do pretty much anything). It sounds like some organization has already begun and I would challenge us, before we get too far, to develop a mission statement of some type to provide some clarity, both to those within the group as well as those who seek to report on our vision as well as our activities (hopefully in a little less biased manner in the future) as to what it is exactly that we stand for and what it is that we’re trying to accomplish.

    You see, I truly don’t believe this movement is about Obama or Bush, left or right, black or white – it’s about ALL of our current elected representatives(Democrats and Republicans alike) in Congress. You see, they’ve gotten us to take our eye off the ball – the Executive Branch does not propose, debate and pass legislation – the Legislative Branch does. Our current legislators, Republicans and Democrats alike, have either forgotten, or maybe never even learned and understood the thoughts and ideals of our Founding Fathers. The entire lot of them are all too willing to play the “give a little to get a little” game with the money of WE THE PEOPLE and aren’t willing, or don’t have the fortitude and integrity to stand up for the Constitutional rights of the very people who elected them.

    It’s for that reason that I must disagree with Cindy. While Americans For Prosperity does support conservative values, they simply support too many of the current incumbents in Congress.

    It’s time that we educate ourselves and those around us to the important fact that our country’s Founding Fathers recognized the very tendency of government to grow and become tyrannical, and therefor outlined a system in the US Constitution that is as fair to all people as possible, expressly limits the powers of the federal government, and puts the majority of the power in the hands of the individual States and the People.

    You also need to identify and support like minded individuals who are willing to stand up for our Constitutional Rights against oppressive taxation and run for elected office. We need true Patriots who understand the concept of real fiscal responsibility and are committed to a long-term plan to return OUR Federal Government to operating only within those powers, and funding only those expenditures, so enumerated within the US Constitution, leaving all else to the States and the People as outlined in the 10th Amendment.

    Based on their performance over the last 95 years – since the 16th Amendment allowing for an Income Tax was ratified in 1913 – and especially since the beginnings of FDR’s “New Deal” (and what a deal it has turned out to be…) were introduced in 1933, I would argue that Republicans and Democrats alike are both guilty of committing the most unconscionable and mostly unconstitutional confiscation and redistribution of the wealth of the hard working, law-abiding citizens of this country(and I’m not just talking about the wealthy – take a look at your own pay check, however much it might be, and see just how much they’re literally stealing from you every time you get paid).

    It is time to turn to a new alternative – a party that is committed to a simple platform based on the values and ideals of the great men who gave of their time, their knowledge, and their reasoned judgment to lay down the very foundation of this great country of ours – the US Constitution. Men who not only understood the concepts of hard work, personal responsibility and rugged individualism but who also served their country in it’s fight for freedom, often times giving their very lives in support of that vision. Now they were Patriots!!

    If that’s the vision you’re looking for, try:

    If you’re an individual who thinks like me, check out my new Blog:

    Whatever you do, GET INVOLVED – As Thomas Jefferson said – “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate”.

  29. Jack Urban said,

    ~Stupid, Redneck, Racist, Idiots~
    My wife was at our son’s house last night in Raleigh; they only watch the major network news and had virtually no idea what the Tea Party’s are about. My wife while watching NBC, CBS and ABC; (not at the same time of course) was astounded at the nasty remarks made about what they called the Tea bagger fools that had no idea what the Boston Tea Party was really about, and many more nasty comments about the so called racist Tea baggers. At home we never watch anything but Fox; not because it is a racist Red neck station but because Fox gives us the truth and its commentators are not phony used car type folks. I was really taken aback with what my wife had to say that see watched on the major network TV stations, and I was sort of sick to my stomach with disgust at how uninformed folks are being manipulated by the main stream TV and liberal press. I have been at five Tea Party’s so far and the folks there both liberal and conservative are truly concerned that our country is going in the wrong direction, and that their children and grandchildren are going to be strapped with a humongous debt for years to come. The worst part about this hateful bias being directed at the good folks that are protesting by the networks which are spewing this hateful propaganda is that it is being condoned by the liberal government aka Obama regime which is presently in Washington DC. I am truly pissed and mad! My fellow patriots we must keep up our protests and by God we must converge on Washington to surround the Whitehouse with a million folks. We the People are truly under siege, and if we don’t stand up against these disgusting bastards we can kiss our Constitution goodbye.

  30. Jack Urban said,

    I forgot to mention my last post Tea Party location was 17 April 09 in Asheboro, NC Thanks Jack

  31. Jack Urban said,

    Yesterday Friday 17 April 2009 Tea Party was a rousing success; 250-300 folks attended. The event was covered by Fox News Channel 12 and 8 and yours truly was interviewed along with some other folks. When I planned the event a couple of months ago I was figuring on maybe a couple dozen folks showing up and we would march up and down Sunset Ave. showing are protest signs to motorists passing by. WELL, it soon came to be apparent that we were going to have a lot more folks protesting then I had figured on. Sooo, at the 11th hour we decided to move the Tea Party to the little town Park about 500 feet from Sunset Ave. When me and Susan Hodges got over to the Park there is a sign with a phone number on it that said to use this Park one needs a “Permit”; Susan called the number and the nice lady said you can get a permit but you need to pay $175 dollars and you could have the permit; I told Susan that I did not have $175 dollars on me said permit; Susan said don’t worry I’ll pay for it. Susan ran off and got the permit and the event went off very well. At the close of the Tea Party I explained what happened and how Susan Hodges saved the day, and asked if folks would care to reimburse Susan for her good will. We passed the hat and low and behold we counted the donations there was $177 bucks in the bucket! Truly astounding!!! I think God was in the audience and blessed our Tea Party and made certain to thank Susan for her generosity! Thank you folks that attended the Asheboro Tea Party for your generosity, and for sure thank God.
    “E Pluribus Unum” Jack Urban

    • Mike said,

      Inspirational story Jack! Ain’t America wonderful when people actually work together? Imagine what could be achieved with a little more effort!

  32. Susan Hodges said,

    Good News Everyone someone recorded my song Freedom, Faith, and Family on YOU TUBE !! Just go to YOU TUBE and search Greensboro Tea Party, on the side look for Tea Party Song…and ENJOY!!! Thanks so MUCH for downloadiing this to YOU TUBE now who ever knows how, send it to Glen Beck:) God bless America!!!!

  33. Kevin Dockery said,

    Video update April 17, 2009.

    Media and frustrations! Hang in there!

  34. Jack Urban said,

    Hey gang, Just taking an unscientific poll; who would go to DC on July 4 for a march on DC? Jack

    • Barb Barker said,

      Hubby and I have been talking about it for a while. We are READY to go. We will camp out if we have to but we are GOING to be in DC on July 4th!!

      We need to get away from the “wordpress” blog site because it’s not conducive to taking our local movement to the next level. I can donate some time on a new database driven webdesign specific to our cause if I can get some help if I need it.

      Let me know what you think. We need a mailing list program on our site that protects the privacy of our members. We need candidates and polls and many other things. We need to do some real brainstorming on a different type of website. I’m game and volunteer to help with that effort.

      • Kevin Dockery said,


        If you think we need another website. I can arrange to create one. I can create it for $0 cost and it can incorporate all the features you are asking about.

        You can visit my personal website

      • Cindy said,
        I have been reading all the comments and if you go to this web site you will see what is being organized on a national level. If the Tea Parties are to continue to mean anything and be strong they have to be massive in numbers. Americans for prosperity is who I try to get nation updates from. Thanks everyone for a wonderful day at the Greensboro Tea Party..I was there too! Outstanding turnout!

    • unclefuzzy said,

      I hope to bring my family and a few friends. Probably camp out. I must admit I am a little concerned about staying in a city with such a high crime rate. I recently heard they even had a couple of crooks on the streets as well.

    • Gerald Hutchinson said,

      I’d vote for a National rally on Memorial day and a state capital rally (each states capital) on july 4th.

      July in Washington is hot, humid swamp. Outside marching could be dangerous to some people, and a real downer for many. Plus, Congress is on recess. Not a good time to get our message out.

      Memorial Day is MUCH better to ramp up the momentum. What better way to memorialize those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country than us rallying to get our country back? And, weather-wise, it’s much better for older folks who might have problems with the heat of July. Congress is scheduled to have “district” work session (i.e. out of D.C.) starting on Memorial Day. But, still, I think it would be better.

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        There are already people planning a tea party in DC on the Fourth of July. Not sure how far they have gotten in their planning at this point.

  35. vern hinshaw said,

    where is the next one? i will be in asheboro today but, when can we have another one? i had a great time.

  36. Bob DeSantes said,

    Great event, but what do we do next. If we stop here we will have failed. I have the time and energy to become more involved, please let me know what I can do

    • Beth G. said,

      I’m with Bob. What’s up next? Where do we go from here? I’m a stay-at-home mom with time to protest on my hands.

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        Start with Jeff’s suggestion (above). Kevin, Gerald & I are having a meeting on Monday to discuss just that. But if we keep the pressure on the local media to report things accurately and tell 5 people why we went, hopefully that will go a long way. A lot of people still have no idea what the protests were really about. As far as I can tell, unless you read the Rhino, if you live around here, you might not get it. And from what I’ve seen of the national coverage, the media spin in other places was much worse. Still recovering from Wednesday though….it takes a little time!

    • Janice Williams said,

      Sorry everyone that I’ve missed out on so much going on….although I did make it to the tea party. My mother became seriously ill which took me out of the loop for about 3 weeks. She’s now being taken care of in a nursing facility so I can return to being a bit more active in this movement. Please let me know what I can do to help out. I’ve got plenty of time on my hands now since I’m down to working only one day a week! WHERE’S MY BAILOUT??? Heck, because of our laws I can’t draw unemployment! Where’s the justice in that?

  37. unclefuzzy said,

    Great event and turnout! I also went to the Eden Tea Party that evening. Good crowd there too. With so many people against what our elected leaders are doing, why do they just keep going on a path that obviously is NOT what the majority of Americans want?
    Ohh, it must be that they think the average American is too stupid to understand the complexities of our government and financial system. And they do???
    Change needs to be made at all levels – city, county, state, and then D.C.(Dictator’s Club).
    Maybe we should form a Trillion Man March to the White House. Not just this group, but many groups joined together for a single cause. Groups like, and many others could work together to form such a convergence on the Capitol and the White House that Washington and the media couldn’t ignore! I may be gettin’ old, but I would march, walk, or crawl to make a difference.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Some people are planning to go to Washington for 4th of July and are hoping for a million people.

  38. voter said,

    Great Tea Party! What do “We the People” do next? Vote every day.
    We should realize that we do vote every day with every dollar we spend.

    Have you seen the CNN coverage of the Chicago Tea Party? We support CNN and it’s negative reporting when we vote to buy their sponsors products. Perhaps we should identify their sponsors and refuse to buy their products if they continue to pay CNN for advertising. We need to get organized and Vote Every Day.

  39. Kevin Dockery said,

    Attention Patriots:

    Our first Call to Action has arrived.

    We need to call WXII12 to inform them of their false reporting. We can’t allow them to tell lies and not report our cause correctly. Reporting half-truths is not acceptable.

    Ask for the news director, Barry Klause.

    We must keep the pressure on them until they report the truth about what the American people are saying!!!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      do you have a link? i interviewed with the camera guy. from the stories they posted on their website though, it looks like they just didn’t want to report the facts. i told them we were for personal responsibility. oops sorry. i talked with 2, not 12. did anyone catch their coverage? hmmm…didn’t use any of the footage from me. they are refusing to report on the big picture i think.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I found a link to the story. It is gross. I’ll be calling them in a minute. They are REALLY being offensive. They’ll get the Brad & Britt treatment.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Just got off the phone with Barry Klause. I told him I was the organizer & he actually told me I wasn’t!! He is refusing to acknowledge the bias that was shown in the report that they aired last night. (See my reply above for the link.) He also seemed completely unconcerned with the idea that I was offended & kept claiming that the story was balanced which, if you watch, it, they are clearly misrepresenting the point & the makeup of the crowd. So, do like Kevin says and everyone, give them a call & lets find some of their advertisers & call them as well. If they can’t sell ads, they can’t exist.

  40. Daniel said,

    As I stated earlier I am a GPD Officer, so I couldnt attend because of work. My co-worker that was down there said it was at least 2000+ turn out. He and I are on the same page as everyone here….I think its Awesome! Couldn’t stop smiling last night on the way home thinking about it….even in spite of listening to Alan Colmes last night calling us “a bunch of sore losers”. Great job guys!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      thanks!! it means a lot coming from you guys. too bad you couldn’t work it.

    • Gerald Hutchinson said,

      Many thanks to the GPD for being there to make sure that we get our chance to peaceably assemble and make the voices heard of the Silent Majority.

      We solid citizens know that you guys have a tough job where you are under great scrutiny. Too often the tens-of-thousands of positive acts you perform monthly are obscured by a few negative incidents that the media seems to gravitate to.

      Just want to say that you are more appreciated by more people than you may know.

    • Kathryn said,

      I hope your co-workers told you what a great crowd we were. I personally thanked every officer that I could who was there. And, my friend made an interesting observation after the more than 1,500 had left – THERE WASN’T ONE SPECK OF TRASH LEFT BEHIND! See, we are individuals who value personal Liberty and Freedom who also know that personal Responsibility is part of the package. It was a great day for Freedom and Liberty in America and our journey to take this country back has just begun.

  41. Cindy said,

    The 912 calander posted this if anyone is interested.
    We need to stay on top of them and let them know we haven’t and will not go away! “Obama said equal pay for equal work.” They need to govern by the Principles and Values of we the people. They need to do their jobs right or get a pink slip!

    April 20th, 2009 (Patriot’s Day)
    Mail & Fax the White House/Local Government/Media
    with copies of 9 Principles & 12 Values

  42. Sr. Voter said,

    Thank you everyone who had anything to do with the Tea Party. After seeing people from all over the country turn out for these events, I slept well for the first time in months. We the people are going to take this country back!
    What’s next? Maybe something on the Fourth of July?

    • Cindy said,

      It’s about the PEOPLE and that’s what Washington doesn’t get! They need to go home and get a real job like the rest of us…pay taxes and be real Americans. We sat back too long assuming the people we elected were actually doing their jobs. I take my share of the blame for not being on top of my employees. We are the CEO’s and we have to start firing the ones that aren’t doing their job the way we want it done!!! We need to come together and look at local government and find out who needs to go and who can stay. It starts from the bottom up so we need to start letting them know we are watching and we will be VOTING!

  43. Thomas F. Thornton said,

    Great event. The crowd was energized and we should have taken the opportunity to encourage the folks to realize how important it is to vote in 2010. Please do not let this movement die. God bless America.

    T. Franklin Thornton

  44. Cassie Mayer said,

    I heard Brad and Britt interview you this morning while on my way home from purchasing poster board to may my signs. They were rude to you and totally tuned out everything you were saying. “You go girl” for hanging up. I started to make a sign with a message to them, but a friend suggested I’d be fueling their fire and she’s right! They’re ignorant to what’s really going on. What a crowd today! I’m glad I was there with my three children. Great job!@*&#

  45. Michelle Hale said,

    Hello everyone
    I was the one with the pitchfork!! If anyone has pictures, I would love to share them. Send site links or pic attachments to my email below. I found some at News Record:

    Thank you
    Michelle Hale
    (no solicitations please)

  46. Barb Barker said,

    GREAT Event today guys! It was AWESOME! You guys did a FANTASTIC job!

    I signed the scroll but nothing else so I wanted to let you know that there were 4 of us that attended, 2 over 50 and 2 under 30………YES, lol. I have another son that was at Myrtle Beach on vacation and was planning to attend the one there.

    Ok so on to the next step. We have only just begun……..oh I feel a SONG coming on…

    • TerryCSA said,

      Awesome song Barb! It brought tears to my eyes. Can’t wait for the next one!

  47. Chris Hardin said,

    I was at the event today and was extremely pleased with the turnout. I would like to see another event in the next few months either at night or on the weekend. I think that attendance will increase dramatically! My only regret today was that I didn’t bring my sign. “In God we Trust by Barack we Fall”.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I think we actually had more people want to come but they may have been turned away by the police or gotten stuck in traffic. The police told me that the Governmental Plaza had room for about 1000 and we easily had that. PS It’s just as well on the sign. A lot of the media would have jumped on that as being sour-grapes you know. Sad, but true. They were trying really hard to make it out to be a right-wing extremist partisan event. We did a great job making it virtually impossible for them to spin it that way!

  48. Janice Williams said,

    I don’t have a cell phone but there were 2 of us there today. Great event! We were some of the first people to show up, getting there at 10:20 so we got to see all the people coming in. It truly amazed me how many people attended…and everyone was extremely nice and cordial. When we gonna do it again????

  49. Jennifer said,

    We were told there was a way to sign the “scroll” petition online? Is there any information on that available?

    Great event today!! Good job organizers, speakers and attendees!!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Not the paper one. Not sure if anyone else has anything organized. We can look into that later.

    • Gerald Hutchinson said,

      Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for next steps!

      • Jeff Penley said,

        What comes next, as I see it is a “home work assignment” for everyone who attended the event today. We are all now ambassadors for the Patriotic Revolution. I think that every one of us, more than a thousand strong, should endeavor to tell five friends that we attended, and why. We should then pledge to contact one of our representatives, be it state or national, at least once a week to let them know how we feel about an issue that we find personally important, and encourage those five friends to do likewise. This movement now has a start, and can grow exponentially until we MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY

  50. Sal said,

    It was good to see you people. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone in our thoughts.

    See you in Asheboro!

  51. only4usa said,



    for all of American Issues.

    The Greensboro Tea Party was wonderful…. ;)

    • only4usa said,

      There were two in my group.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      I will be there! Let me know if you need some help.

  52. Sue Giachero said,

    What a great event! So glad we could be a part of it-I was surprised at the crowd and estimated it to be close to 2000!

  53. Cindy said,

    Oh I forgot – count me as one that was there too!

  54. Cindy said,

    What a great day for America! I look forward to working with everyone to push for a change in Washington. I can’t wait to see the shows tonight from across the country…even the politicians will be watching (with curtains drawn) but they will be watching! They are in the hot seat now and they know it. “Again, enough is enough” great job everyone!

  55. Gerald Hutchinson said,

    Well, the Tea Party is over, but the Movement lives on! Thanks to everyone for coming out today!

    At the rally, 798 people signed the Tea Party Pledge. I suspect that there were a goodly number of people didn’t get to sign the pledge because they had to get back to work. There was a long line of people waiting to get their chance to sign it.

    Ed Cone reports that after doing some counting, it looked like 1500 people showed up. We’ll wait to see what the Greensboro PD has to say.

    It will be interesting to see where the movement goes next. Is the viral, true-grassroots movement using the web sufficient to carry the movement forward?

  56. misscourtneyk said,

    I live in Walnut Cove, NC, but today I am in Tucson, Arizona visiting my son, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren. We have been in prayer for all of the tea parties, and in particular, the tea party in Greensboro. We are grateful to have this ocassion to express our political views and that our voices be heard by the present Federal Government. The horrendous stimulus bill that my grand children will be burdened to pay, and we older people, is beyond comprehension. This bill was forced upon us without the people’s voice and defies our freedom. We Americans went to war against the British King and his parliament over a three percent tax which did not allow us to be represented. Taxation without representation. I do not need to spell out the details of the current Federal Government and how we were inadequately represented over such taxation. The main stream media has refused to tell the story in full. They are only sharing that which the liberal democrats and Obama want. I pray the Lord will see that this great nation will return to the fundamentals of its foundation and the United States Constitution will be honored and employed as it was when birthed.

  57. Rodney B. said,

    Would you please post the text number and phrase for those of us who missed it?
    Awesome turnout!

    • Renee said,

      I don’t have a cell phone. Somebody count me and my 3 children, thank you. Can’t wait for the pics to be put up!

  58. Susan said,

    Is there a way to clean out washington legally????? We need to get rid of congress, the house, and the senate and start all over again with people who are willing to work for the people and not for themselves and their own interest.We need to also pass a law tht makes it to where the people on the HILL can only have so many terms in office , like the pres. can only have 2 terms,and that the old coots that have been in there forever have to retire like the rest of of working class???They should have to work a regular job like the rest of us and stop getting a free rid on our tax dollars. Go Americans for standing up for our rights!!!!!DONT TREAD ON ME!!!!!

    • GSO Patriot said,

      Yes, there is a way to clean out Washington DC legally – it’s called VOTING – and supporting only those candidates who are serious about truly representing our views in congress. We need men and women of integrity who will not play the “game” once they get to Washington and who will hold steadfast until we can get through another round of elections to surround them with like-minded people who will help to move “our” issues forward as opposed to the corrupt politicians (from both parties) who listen only to the special interests today.

  59. Leslie said,

    Everyone bringing toddler children….. put pants or shorts on them and pull out their pockets to show how the government is reaching into babys’ pockets. A sign of Uncle Sam smashing a childs piggy bank would get the message out too. Good luck!

    • Jim Lewis said,

      Congratulations on a highly successful start to our critical movement. All speakers did an outstanding job. The attendance was impressive. “The People” were united, fired up and ready to accelerate to the next assembly. I was specifically pleased that our gathering was family oriented, respectful and safe. The signs were creative, and clearly a snap shot of how people feel. We were all using our own words to say the same thing. Now, we need to use this energy as a catalyst to drive our message to Washington. We need to unite with other American’s all over the country, refine our message and drive it down the throats of Congress, Senate and the Obama administration.
      Today will be looked back on in history as the time Modern Day Mass America stood up and said “Enough is Enough”, and put Congress officially on notice. Today, we will get the attention of every politician; however, they will wait to see if our cause builds momentum before they take any action. Continuing with great urgency and frequency will prove to be central to our success. And yes, passing out pink slips to our sitting political representatives will be a critical success factor.
      Thank you so much for initiating our first Tea Party, job extremely well done. I was a proud American with other proud American’s standing up for our rights.
      Jim Lewis

  60. Kevin Dockery said,

    Follow this link to see were the Greene St. Parking deck is located. It appears to be the closest to Governmental Plaza.

  61. Dody Jane said,

    I wish I could be there – I work for a brokerage firm and it is tax day – so I can’t leave – I hope you have an amazing turnout! I will be at the next one!!!

  62. Sally Howell said,

    I want to be there. A doctor’s appointment prevents me. I hope for a strong peaceful demonstration.

  63. mikma said,

    Lets not let the left antagonize us this is what the main stream media wants to make us look like sore loser republicans

  64. Big Man said,

    I work in downtown Greensboro, so I may try to sneak out at lunchtime. I support everyone’s efforts to lower tax rates, which will actually increase government revenue. Lower tax rates must also be accompanied by cutting spending. After the latest spending spree, my grandchildren will be paying for the “Porkulus” bill.(My children are 10 & 12)

  65. Barb Barker said,

    Oh LAWD! Here we go with all this being “Politically Correct” CRAP again. Can we please just let the people be WHO THEY ARE? There are MANY issues that are bringing the people out and YES some people are partisan. That is natural when you have people from every political and non-political spectrum. I’m TIRED of COMPROMISING! Our leader’s compromising is what got us into this mess to start with! It’s time for the COMPROMISING to come to an end!


    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I’m not telling you all to be politically correct. I’m trying to point out that we must be VERY FOCUSED with our message or it will get distorted. If we have a bunch of “nobama” signs, then we will get painted as a bunch of sore losers. If you bring a sign promoting violence, well, the police might take care of that, and then the media would focus on that. If we want to have this tea party be meaningful and effect change then we have to stay ON MESSAGE and not give anyone the ability to twist it around.

      • Barb Barker said,

        It’s late and I’ve been up making signs for the event.

        Here are my thoughts on all this new stuff that has come up in the last 2 weeks about people showing up to cause trouble. Well, if they do, we have to be who we are and exercise restraint. For those of us who are Christains, we know all about turning the other cheek and know how to do that….to a point. Look if someone wants to cause trouble, they will, bottom line. It’s how we respond to it that counts. If an Obot opens their mouth, we will know who they are LOL.

        This Administration would love nothing more than to call for Martial Law and are looking for a way to do that. They will use whatever tactics they have at their disposal. ACORN workers are an easy tool for them use. It would not matter if we were all SAINTS, if they want to find a reason or CREATE a reason, they will do it.

        I do NOT walk in the fear of ANY man, including the Media. We could be the nicest bunch of people, and we are, on the planet and the Media would find a way to discredit us so I’m not going to spend my ONE HOUR at a protest fretting over it. I put my faith in God, not man, therefore, I do not walk in fear or intimidation. I walk in the power of the One and ONLY Almighty and Wise God. If He is on our side, we won’t fail, regardless of what man thinks about us.

        Just my humble opinion……….so let’s get out there and LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!!!


  66. Jenn said,


    Any estimates on how many people are expected to show up at tomorrow’s rally?

    I’m trying to decide on a poster … I’m thinking: “Capitalism Is Patriotic,” or something like that.

    The poster who tied pork spending to pork BBQ came up with a brilliant slogan, IMO. I can’t find it now, but it said something like: “The only pork North Carolinians want is is in their BBQ.”

  67. Daniel said,

    Im a Police Officer in GSO. Although I have to work that day (no way I can get out of it) I support you all in your efforts, and continue to be outspoken about what our country is turning into…even when its not popular to do so.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Thanks, your support means so much more than you realize.

      With your continued support we will take back the financial responsibilty of our state and country.

    • Kathryn said,

      Thank you Daniel. I also hope that you will check out Oath Keepers if you have not already heard about it and share it with your fellow officers. ( This group is pledging to support and defend their fellow citizens from a tyrranical government.

      Greensboro will show its Red, White and Blue colors today to take our Nation back.

    • danny said,

      Daniel, Ive noticed several greensboro police officers have posted encouraging comments here, I have ALOT of respect for what the police do. You guys are our protectors. Thank You so much for your service. Ive watched several videos around the country that have shown police officers that were very much at ease with the protests and the americans that were protesting and that makes me glad in my heart. I pray that these protests never turn violent. Was there any opposition? protesters at the greensboro event? Thank you again for your and your fellow officers support.

  68. s.e. jOHNSON said,

    Parents, consider making paper chains to put around your children’s necks/wrists to symbolize their enslavement to Obama’s federal spending plans and the TRILLIONS of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he plans for them to finance.

    I have a poster that says:

    My child is a slave of Obama’s federal spending
    I included the pix from
    that shows how much debt Obama wants the next generations to pay for his friends to enjoy now.

    Please feel free to tweak this.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      My only tweak is to take Obama’s name out of it. That gives the media and the “antis” a way to say that we’re partisan which we’re not and to ignore the stop socialism part of the message. It isn’t just Obama who’s supporting this porkulus; it has enjoyed some bipartisan support.

    • Robyn said,

      While I think your idea will draw a lot of attention, I don’t think it will be the right kind. I think more people will be focused on what you are doing to your children rather than your message of wanting political change. I’m sure any media in attendance will be quick to have your picture. I also think any images of people considered “over the top” will be used to characterize the lot of us as a bunch of nuts. Even if you don’t care what other people think, consider your kids. Putting chains (even paper ones) around their necks and calling them “enslaved” is scary. How are you going to explain to your children – in a manner which they actually understand – why you are doing this?

  69. After big government decided your children and grandchildren’s futures are theirs to mortgage the only thing left is great grand children. Unfortunately history has shown at that level of debt slavery ensures unless of course it already has with this tax slavery. We’ve fallen a long way since Congress questioned whether any bond issue is taxatin without representation. Bonds payments as percentage of total budget in excess of population growth percentage are taxation without representation. Let’s stop this insanity.

  70. ed said,

    You are VERY close here to seeing the key which CAN make a difference. Hand out copies of W-4 forms and NC-4’s. Change your deductions so that you will not be loaning the idiots our money interest-free. You won’t get a “refund” next year of your OWN money. But you will not have to depend on a greedy little power-hungry Governor, like Bev Easley, to return YOUR money. I’ve been waiting 8 weeks. Never again! I changed my deductions, so I will not be giving Bev and Barack interest-free money to waste from now on. DON’T YOU THINK YOU COULD INVEST THIS MONEY EACH YEAR MORE WISELY THAN THOSE GOONS?

    • Lawrence said,

      I’ve read your post. So is this why I haven’t gotten my return back from North Carolina. It’s been almost eight weeks now and I filed electronically. The U.S government was much more prompt in giving back my money.
      This makes me want to switch my tax domain back to Texas, which doesn’t have a state tax, and I commute there since I’m an airline employee, based in Houston. I never figure North Carolina would be so greedy with our tax dollars.

    • Barb Barker said,

      It’s called MAXIMUM DEDUCTIONS ALLOWED. That’s all I’m going to say about that, lol.

      Please use wisdom if you do that because those of us that actually get some kind of refund STILL paid the larger portion IN so we have to save for that UNLESS we succeed in doing away with the IRS, which would be the ultimate solution. But at least the money would come to US where it belongs instead of them during the year. If enough people did that, there would be a SIGNIFICANT affect on the government because their money would go down down down until April 15th each year…..YES, lol.

    • Robyn said,

      The saddest part is the lack of opportunities to safely invest. Maybe I’ll keep it under the mattress! (hahaha)

  71. I believe it is extremely important that no reference be made to Republican or Democrat. These are not right-left issue but issues of common sense and on principals and values that Washington has discarded. Americans and Employers should withhold tax payments until some sense comes back to Washington. I fear transnationalism and fascism as much as anything.

    Tom Morgan

  72. Michelle Hale said,

    I am more than happy to volunteer for helping pass out flyers. please email me.


  73. Jacob said,

    What about parking on the 15th? Any recommendations?

    • Sr. Voter said,

      Look on the right side of the webpage for “Directions”. There are directions for parking on the 15th.

  74. Sr. Voter said,

    The News-Record has an article about the Tea Party on the front page of section B. You can even leave a message about the article.

    • unclefuzzy said,

      I see that Eden is having a tea party that evening, also. I plan on attending that one too, since it’s not a far drive.
      The location has me a little concerned. Don’t think they will have much media coverage at the “boat landing”. Hope I’m wrong.

  75. Josh said,

    I’ll be there with the whole gang so that makes 5 of us. Kids are on assembly line making signs so we’ll have plenty to share! One is a huuuuuge banner!

  76. Kevin Dockery said,

    Anyone notice you haven’t received your state tax refund?

    Well, they don’t have the money to send it to you right now. They owe it, but the state is bankrupt!

    Friends, spread the word. NC citizens are going to take back our state and our country! We’ll show them how to balance a budget!


  77. Kevin Dockery said,

    FYI on Contacting the Media and other groups.

    I am conducting phone calls with the media. I have requested they contact me to hold in person interviews.

    I currently have interviews lined up for Monday April 13, 2009 to lay down the ground work for rally.

    REMEMBER, Ignore the STATIC. Remain FOCUSED.

    If we continue to be lead by these destractions and tactics we will continue down the path they are leading America.

    If you’re overly concerned about these destractions, it’s clear to me their tatics are working. Everyone is aware of their intentions, we do not need anymore reminders.

  78. Kathryn said,

    URGENT WARNING ABOUT UNDERMINING THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT!Obama’s new “Way Forward” front group is setting up nationwide rallies to undercut our Tea Parties – and undermine our entire banking system. And I need your help now to stop them!
    I’m writing to alert you to one of the most sinister moves I’ve seen yet from the Obama henchmen on the far left.
    Just this morning, I received word that a new radical organization calling itself “A New Way Forward” has put together an underhanded sneak attack designed to undercut the popular uprising known as the Tea Party movement. You may already be part of the Tea Party movement – in fact I hope you are. So, I knew you would want to know what the far left is up to now.
    Simply put, their idea is to stage phony rallies throughout the country on April 11th made to look like they are part of the Tea Party movement – while actually opposing Tea Party principles and supporting the complete government takeover of our banking system.
    The “Way Forward” scam was conjured up by an Obama activist named Michael Lux. Lest anyone try to tell you that Mr. Lux is sincere in saying he wants to “help rebuild the banking system”, don’t you believe it for one single second. Before starting up his new Obama front group, Lux was a high-paid lobbyist for the AFL-CIO, a top executive for the leftwing People for the American Way, and a special assistant at the Clinton White House.
    His plan now is to divert people’s attention from the April 15 Tea Parties by holding his phony rallies first, on April 11th. He knows his fellow left wingers in the mainstream media will go along with his scheme to nationalize our banking system –
    and that’s why it is up to you and me to expose it for what it is right now!
    If Michael Lux and his “Obamunist” comrades have their way, they will nationalize our banks, seize their assets, and place fellow Obama lackeys in the top positions of authority. That’s how ruthless they actually are.
    And that’s why I am asking for your help today!

    • gizmojo81 said,

      So, what are we to do?
      Suggestions: 1. Call local news organizations and make sure they know about the difference, and hold them accountable for clearly stating the difference, i.e. who is sponsoring them.
      2. If you hear of one in your area, show up and observe and report from the fringes. Take pictures & video. Document their tactics.
      3. In the future, we may need to do “meet ups,” using social networking to stage spur-of-the-moment rallies that they can’t upstage.

      Additional thoughts: They are threatened by us; good! They have a head-start on community-organizing and activism, by at least a decade. We have much to learn. It will require many of us to go outside our comfort zone in getting organized with one another. This is a series of battles of ideas, and “marketshare” in the moderate voters’ minds. Right now the Obamaists have the upper hand, as they have the benefit of the media propaganda-arm. But let’s be clear: not only are we fighting for our own liberty and that of our progeny, but he are fighting for the heads, hearts, and votes of moderates (I am a moderate Independent) who will ultimately decide the elections. We will win in the long run. We outnumber them, and because the yearning for Liberty cannot be quenched. Once folks realize the threat to that liberty (both economic and instrumental) as they are now, they will become Patriots to the Cause.

      • Kevin Dockery said,

        This is the first Meet-Up, please come if you can.

        Pre-Greensboro Tax Tea Party Meeting

        Nathanael Greene Monument National Military Park Guilford Courthouse

        April 11, 2009 at 1PM

        This event is of historical importance, and Greensboro played a role in the founding of our country.
        We will plan for the event and to ensure we have a plan to reach all the media outlets and elected officials in our community, city and state.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      FYI on Contacting the Media and other groups.

      I am conducting phone calls with the media. I have requested they contact me to hold in person interviews.

      I currently have interviews lined up for Monday April 13, 2009 to lay down the ground work for rally.

      REMEMBER, Ignore the STATIC. Remain FOCUSED.

      If we continue to be lead by these destractions and tactics we will continue down the path they are leading America.

      If you’re overly concerned about these destractions, it’s clear to me their tatics are working. Everyone is aware of their intentions, we do not need anymore reminders.

    • Peter said,

      I will be glad to help on the 11th to expose the LEFT LOONS, the “Way Forward” GOONS.

  79. Ed Ski said,

    To all,

    On Neil Cavuto’s show he had report about ACORN people planning to show up at all the tea parties across America in a effort to stir up trouble. This possibility was stated in an earlier post on this site.

    So remember all, please do not respond to anyone attempting to cause you problems. This is what they want to do. Create chaos so that any media covering will report problems instead of what these tea parties are really for.

    These parties are organized and attended by great Americans who are fed up with runaway government spending. All of them have been peaceful so please stop and think before you act on someone who may harass you. They want to cause problems. We do not need to be portrayed in the media as nut cases but as Americans who care about our country.

    Ed Swiderski
    Lexington, NC

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      I agree, we must stay focused on the task at hand. If anyone is confronted by these distractions, just ignore them.

      We need to stand strong and United as Americans who have risen above these petty groups.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Thanks guys, your comments are spot-on. The point is to be focused on the message we are trying to send & make sure we do not do anything that will allow the media to misrepresent our message.

  80. Patriot said,

    Here’s a well-done music video take-off of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” except it’s “Where Have you Gone Thomas Jefferson?”

    About 3 and 1/2 minutes of refreshing music with a great point!

    • Sr. Voter said,

      Link to Here’s to You Mr. Jefferson:

  81. Sr. Voter said,

    This is the link to the new Trillion Dollar Video. It is amazing!

  82. Kevin Dockery said,

    FYI time (12-1pm) of The Tea Party,

    Governmental Plaza requires a Reservation Form to be completed and signed. It contains liability information in the event things are damaged, not cleaned, etc….. The Time, Organization and Purpose have to adhere too.

    We’re 8 days away from Tax Day, and we have many people already traveling from the Piedmont Triad to come. I understand the time is challenging for most, especially if you have to travel in on a work day.

    For myself I decided to take time off to come. I weighed my options, take a personal day, or have to say “I’m sorry” to my son in the future for not stepping up and being there to fight for his future.

    I’ll end with a quote from President Reagan;

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

    • Patriot said,

      I told my boss that I wanted a long lunch to attend (as i know I’ll need time for parking, etc.). She’s in complete support, and has decided to let all of us attend if we want, as long as someone’s got the phone covered. She’s going to go, also. Liberty is a a right that must be protected.

  83. Check out this YouTube video of a wonderful song that was composed by Mrs. Hodges and performed by her son Jacob. They live right here in our community.

    Greensboro…..this is what America is all about!

  84. Jason O said,

    I will be there! This is one more way to show Americans WILL NOT BOW TO OBAMA AND HIS EVIL INTENTIONS

    • Ann McCarthy said,

      We are ready to fight. We can’t allow this administration to bankrupt this country. This country will never be ready for socialism.

      Let’s go!!!!!!!!

  85. Phyllis Moore Crispi said,

    Do you know of tea party events that will be held late afternoon? I think there could be many people interested in attending who could come if the event were to be held in the afternoon. Most events are scheduled for midday.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Take a vacation day, this is too important to miss.

      • Jeff Penley said,

        The tentative adgenda looks really good, but could I suggest that the first speaker lead the gathering in the Pledge of Allegiance. I think it would be quite appropriate, and we will know that anyone who doesn’t know the words is probably not “one of us”.

        • Kevin Dockery said,

          Thanks for the suggestion. It will be part of the agenda, trust me that’s one we’re going to say together, everyone, loud and clear.

          I can’t wait to hear everyone saying it together.

  86. Kevin Dockery said,

    For those of you that don’t have FaceBook. I put another video on YouTube; it has different music due to licensing laws.

  87. Kevin Dockery said,

    Greensboro Tax Day Tea Party Video is on Facebook, click the link to go to the page.

  88. Gina said,

    We need to let ACORN know we own them now. We are paying for them and we OWN them. It’s not the other way around.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      We’ll show everyone what “community organizing” is all about.

      Make sure you pass on the word to everyone you know!

  89. Kevin Dockery said,

    Anyone wishing to contact me concerning this get together can reach me at or 336-638-5414.

    Pre-Greensboro Tax Tea Party Meeting

    Nathanael Greene Monument National Military Park Guilford Courthouse

    April 11, 2009 at 1PM

    This event is of historical importance, and Greensboro played a role in the founding of our country.
    We will plan for the event and to ensure we have a plan to reach all the media outlets and elected officials in our community, city and state.

  90. JW Marshall said,

    Made a vow, will only purchase cigarettes out of state until Govenor Purdue, Basnight and Holliman are out of office. Don’t tread on me. Let their supporters pick up their fair share of the state tax burden. I will also skew other purchases to those political regions where these inept public officals have no taxation authority.

    I have also trimmed investment in companies that have a direct stake in the economic policies that the new national political machine is implementing on honest Americans.

    Honest money, honest men and honest government.

    JW Marshall

  91. AntiPC said,

    Hey guys, just found the link for this online. I will be there on the 15th. I’ve been very interested in this movement and I know of no other way for us to get our country moving in the right direction again but for these parties. I’m so thrilled Greensboro is having one. I was not able to make the Asheboro party but I work in GSO so I’ll just take my lunch hour to join my fellow patriots! Hey Jack, I hope to meet you there friend.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Make sure you spread the word around the office. Everyone pays taxes! and we pay too much!

  92. Sharon Peterson said,

    Where can I get Tparty bumper stickers? or pins? Or magnets?

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Here’s the where you can get stuff from the main national sponsor: I’ve seen lots of ads for tea party “stuff” but can’t recommend anything if I’m not sure who’s selling it!

  93. unclefuzzy said,

    What has happened to this once great country? The leadership of our country makes it hard to feel “Proud to be an American”. We are living in apathy. How much longer are we going to just “give in” to the whims of our ELECTED officials? If they aren’t governing for the people and by the people, they should be EJECTED officials.

  94. Kevin Dockery said,

    Who do you think is going to pay for the $1.1 trillion that President Obama just agreed to at the G-20?

    It’s amazing to me that the entire country isn’t storming the streets tonight.

    We have to put a stop to this “Spend and Tax” insanity.

    Enough is Enough!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I think people are still not paying enough attention. And the media is not properly reporting on it.

      • unclefuzzy said,

        The mainstream media has been holding back the truth and not covering important issues for years. You have to go to smaller but more reliable news sources to get an inkling of the truth. Foreign countries cover these issues better than our own “expert news teams”. One thing you can rely on – if the government has any ties with any particular media source, the truth will never be heard, read, or seen.

      • Sharon Peterson said,

        I think people are starting to pay attention. I just checked the website and pulled up North Carolina. If I counted right there are 81 towns in NC holding TEA party rallies! Way to go NC!

  95. unclefuzzy said,

    Great website you have. I happened to see a short artical in the Rhino Times with the link listed. Haven’t seen anything in the News & Record though.
    The tea party is a great way to show our nation’s leaders how we feel. I plan on attending, and am encouraging my co-workers to do so as well. I just wish it could have been a couple of weeks earlier, before Obama tries to get the House to pass his ridiculous spending bill before Easter. I am also mailing a tea bag to the Obamanation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    I recently joined ResistNet and They delivered over 220,000 signed petitions to Capital Hill on Wed. April 1st. Maybe someone up there will listen. I urge everyone to check out these groups and join. America needs all the help it can get – from real citizens, not politicions.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Keep spreading the word!

  96. Kevin Dockery said,

    Media Update

    News 14 Carolina will be conducting an interview on April 13, 2009 with me Kevin Dockery. It will be airing on April 14th.

    We need to continue to keep the pressure on and the awareness high to further our cause.

    Make sure you are using the Alphabet Project to get the word out.

    We must band together to require change of our tax laws and current misuse of our tax dollars!

    Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death!

    • Jack said,

      Speaking of the media, the national variety has contributed greatly to the mess we’re in. Besides our political representatives, we need to come up with ways to put the heat on CBS, NBC, ABC, and all of the others, to let them know we don’t care for their brand of propaganda, sorry, “news” either! Suggestions?

      • Sharon Peterson said,

        Why don’t we all email our local TV stations requesting they have coverage of our TEA party? While we’re at it, we could email the major networks. Wouldn’t thousands of emails to them catch their attention?

  97. Linda UNC said,

    I retired and moved to Tennessee in November after living all my 59 years in Greensboro, home of my Quaker ancestors who settled in Jamestown before there was a Greensboro. My surveyor ancestor, Nathan Mendenhall, laid out the county seat in 1808 while living in Jamestown (settled by James Mendenhall), the center of the underground railroad efforts from here to Ohio. A proud heritage, but meaningless in today’s times! After generations, I just could not wait to leave for simpler folks in simpler places. I will proudly return for the tea party. Forget being “proper.” Be real before it doesn’t matter any more who you are or where you live.

    • Kevin Dockery said,


      Your heritage stands strong here in Triad.

      I live along the Deep River just NW of Jamestown along the Bicentinial Greenway. We have not forgotten what the early settlers accomplished here in our community. Don’t worry, I can assure you we have not forgotten.

      We will welcome you back home with open arms!

  98. Kathy Lynch said,

    I am bringing my entire family to the Tea Party. Can you confirm the exact location? Saw another website yesterday that listed the Greensboro party at Center City Park @ 200 N. Elm Street. Is there more that one party going on? Thanks! Kathy

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Just the one party, governmental plaza. there’s a map & directions off in the sidebar there.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      The other site has updated the location to the Governmental Plaza.

      The before mentioned location is private property, where as Governmental Plaza is Public Property.

  99. Debbie Weaver said,

    To Kevin who said on Friday that he was going to visit Richard Burr’s office to convince him that he must show up at the tea party. I agree that he should be there to show his support, but I think at least he shouldn’t need the lesson. BUT, I really think our other Senator, Senator Hagan should be reminded heavily of her need to attend and “pay attention” instead of paying out all of our money. BTW I live in the eastern part of the state so I will be attending a tea party, but closer to home.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Trust me I will be tactful. I have the upmost respect for Senator.

      I’ve already spoke to Chad, his scheduling assistant, and I will let you know the response I get to having a face to face with the Senator. Kay Hagan I have had “0” response and 1 email response to speak of.

      Enjoy your Tea Party, make it real!!

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Senator Burr Update,

      I just got a call back from Chad and he is going to call me when Senator Burr is in Winston Salem office during the break.

      I requested some time to sit down with the Senator to discuss the concerns of the economy, taxation and the Greensboro Tax Day Tea Party.

      I explained I wanted to put a face with the emails and phone calls he is recieving everyday.

      I can say with pride for North Carolina, Senator Burr has the pulse of North Carolinians!

      • Kathryn said,

        I do hope that if these elected representatives are invited to attend, they are only there to hear us tell them that they are Non-Representing, Representatives. This is not the place for them to say anything other than “We hear you!” We are angry with all of them and I hope that the organizers are only focusing on citizens.

        By the way, are there any plans for any speakers representing fair tax groups or the like? “Joe the Plumber” is going to be in Michigan; “Thomas Paine” in Indianapolis; Sean Hannity in Atlanta.

  100. We will be coming in from Jefferson, NC, Ashe County- 2 hrs drive to you folks. There are some who are going to Asheville and Charlotte. As I said we are so tired of the ELECTED officials spending OUR tax $$ like “drunken sailors”. I.E. They just had to have the lottery because it was going for the “children” and the “schools” and now Gov. Beverly says we need more $$ for schools and education. Enough folks Enough!!

    DC is totally out of control!!!

  101. Kevin Dockery said,

    Flyer Update

    I just posted a flyer at the Starbucks on Hwy. 68 in SW Greensboro.
    I will be going to the following;
    High Point
    South Elm off 40 bypass

    I’m planning on visiting them all by weeks end.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,


  102. KatWhy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republicanhryn said,

    Regardng concerns about ACORN, I have an idea. If you have not heard about the National Black Republican Association, you really should see their site. Their slogan: “Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican.” There’s a great article there all about how the democrats highjacked the civil rights history of the republicans. I copied the article, am printing a bunch out and bringing them to the Tea Party. If I encounter someone of the opposition, I’m going to be kind and give them a copy.

    “Why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican
    By Frances Rice
    It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a
    Republican. Why? It was the Democrats who Dr. King was fighting,
    and he would not have joined the Democratic Party, the party of
    segregation and the Ku Klux Klan. To understand why MLK was a
    Republican, let’s take a walk through history.
    History of civil rights – In a nutshell.”
    To to and you’ll find the article there.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Interestingly enough I have also read that he was a socialist.

      • KatWhy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republicanhryn said,

        Then you should really read Fracis Rice’s artcle. She grew up with Martin Luther King and there are also some interesting quotes from one of his daughters.

    • Kevin Dockery said,

      Remember we should focus on Being American. Tyranny through taxation effects are parties, all people and all classes.

      Stay focussed on the task at hand, lower taxes, smaller government and a freer society. For the Republic for which it stands!

  103. Kevin Dockery said,

    Who is organizing the Greensboro Tax Day Tea Party?

    • Mike said,

      That would be Melissa. Hopefully she will respond to your post shortly.

  104. Cindy said,

    Just wondered if anyone else had read about the warning of ACORN showing up and getting people to sign petitions. They tell them they are for something other than what they really are. Everyone needs to be on the alert and warn everyone at their Tea Party. We always have to be on our toes and keep our eyes open for ACORN. THEY will try and stop us!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Thanks for posting this. I haven’t read about that although I would not be surprised if people who are not supportive show up — it’s an open tea party after all. I have not personally made plans for any petitions at the tea party although have thought about it some. Not being sure where to send them is one reason for not collecting them! I did hear that Obama is calling on his supporters to get people to sign petitions supporting the ridiculous socialism packages he is constantly promoting though and have seen an alternate anti-socilism petition. We must all be vigilant though. It would be so awful to have your name put on a petition in support of something you detest!

      • Tedd said,

        Sounds like an ACORN tactic – just use common sense in judging the character of people who approach you. Read whatever they have, and if you have a hinky feeling about them, just tell them you’ll sign up online.

      • Mike said,

        Simple solution: Sign no petitions at the event, period. If someone brings forward a tax protest scroll though, by all means get your name on that!

        Keep in mind this event is scheduled for only one hour. Let’s make it count and keep the distractions to a minimum.

        • Kevin Dockery said,

          Mike your right on target!!

          Ignore the static and remain focussed on the agenda!

          • rloftis4senate said,

            My name is Richard Loftis, and I want to run for the US Senate as an Independent Candidate. In order to do so I have to get 86,000 signatures of registered voters. I will be at the tea party, along with my campaign manager. We will have signature sheets for my Senate Campaign. These sheets are clearly marked with my name, and what they are for. I stand for much of what you people stand for. I believe that we no longer have real representation in Washington, and I am tired of it. You can check out my blog to see what I am all about at
            I would greatly appreciate the support of the tea party participants. Remember signing the sheet does not mean that you support my candidacy, it is only so I can get my name on the ballot, and after all shouldn’t every American citizen have the right to run for office whether associated with a party or not?

            • lynn said,

              I don’t know anything about you. You may be the next President, but this is a gathering that is pretty much against politician activity that’s happening these past few years. I think you might consider not politicing on this sight or at the event. No one likes our governing peoples ways. We all want their actions to change for the people. Campaining with all of this is just not smart politics either.

  105. Don said,

    Tell you friends living at the coast there will be a huge rally in Morehead City April 15 , 4-6 PM.
    Go to

  106. only4usa said,

    I wore my Passion Tea Bag pinned to coat in Feb.

    Please come and join – I fight daily.

    Go to local School, City, and County Board Meetings, too.

    We have crooks in every part of our government that we, the people, must keep our eyes and ears on. And government start at and is LOCAL.

    • Janice Williams said,

      I just visited the ALIPIC website. I agree..we need to stop all this illegal immigration. One of my pet peeves about the entire situation is EMERGENCY medical care at our local hospitals. The other night I needed to take my mom (85 yrs. old with Alzheimer’s) to the emergency room here in High Point. But I knew she would have to sit and wait for at least 4 hours before even getting called back for an exam. Because I knew it would be harder on her I opted to wait until the next morning so she could see her doctor in his office. I’m sick and tired of illegals using our ER’s as their doctor’s offices and on top of that, us tax-paying citizens paying for it. I think EVERYONE that needs medical assistance should get it…I’m not evil. But is there something else that could be done? The ER is for EMERGENCIES, not a snotty nose. The last time I had my mom to the ER her nose was pouring blood and we could not get it to stop. Welllllll…she waiting in the waiting room until it finally quit on it’s own..about 3 hours! She could have bled to death! It ticks me off every time I think about it. URGH!!!!!!!!

      • Cindy said,

        This is the reason we need the FAIRTAX. No matter who they are if they spend money they will pay taxes! Obama wants to say it’s all the young people that don’t have ins. that causes ours to go up-it’s the illegals getting free care that is really doing it! No Federal taxes-pay as you go will make them pay their share all the way around.

      • Jack Urban said,

        Janice,I know I know I know; this illegal invasion is so damn out of control; its like we are watching a crime in progress and are powerless to do anything to stop it. I know how to stop it but then I would be in jail and that is not where I want to be. The problem is we must get the Republicans back in power in 2010 because the libs will never do anything to stop the illegal invasion because for democrats illegals are votes for their to keep them in power. Democrats are truely evil people that only have there interests at heart and not the people they are supposed to be working for. We have the same problem in Asheboro with the stinking illegals hanging out the windows of the emergency room. And my daughter gets assistance from WIC because her dead beat husband is a drugy bum, and when she goes to WIC there are 20 to 1 illegals sucking up the tax payers of NC money. Like I said we must get the Republicans back in power and keep up the Tea Parties and the march on DC this Sept. is sooooooo important that we surround the Whitehouse with a million folks. We must take back our Constitution and we can only do this by standing up to becounted; emails won’t do it!
        “E Pluribus Unum” Jack

        • Janice Williams said,

          Hi Jack….Thanks for the back-up. I try very hard not to be prejudice but sometimes it’s just really hard. I have NO problem if people come to the USA LEGALLY…and pay taxes. But it really ticks me off when I’m standing in the grocery store line, paying with my few dollars left in my pocket (food or medicine…let me see here???) and the grocery store is full of (and I’m assuming here) illegals paying with food stamps. What really ticked me off a while back was when I had to pay mega dollars for my prescription but a NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING PERSON presented a medicaid card and got 3 prescriptions for a buck each. We pay over $600/month for health insurance that don’t cover much of anything but yet illegals have FREE everything. Does anyone see a problem here??? Sorry…another spasm here! I need more fresh air!!

          • Jeff Penley said,

            As if illegals getting food stamps isn’t bad enough, now the idiots in our new administration want to release the terriorist in Gitmo into the US and give them welfare checks. check out:
            This is outrageous and must be stopped!

            • gsoteapartygirl said,

              Whew! I see I need to moderate more often! I’ll leave these posts up here (I’m not really about censorship) but its WAY off topic. The tea party is all about stopping the socialism train this country’s gotten on. Illegal immigration is another issue. And healthcare as well. (Although I’ll admit they are related.) But let’s keep a tight focus to keep the pressure on stopping the out-of-control spending & then work on the rest.

          • Trish said,

            I grew up in Southern California. When I was in high school 30 years ago, there weren’t that many illegals there. Now, when I go back to visit family, I drive through Anaheim, and I feel like I am in Tijuana. No lie, it is so out of hand, they walk up and down the street selling home make tamales, cotton candy, pillows for your bed! In a residential area as well. Its like a circus. I could stand at my moms window and they just walk back and forth to the liqueur store, I thought, don’t these people work? Mothers pregnant with five and six kids walking down the street, on welfare. It makes me sick. yes, there are a lot of good and bad, but the United States has lost this battle. What did Obama say in that commercial, about putting a man on the moon in ten years time, funny, they didn’t clean the problem up when they could have! It isn’t rocket science! You cant tell me this could not have been figured out. Now its completely out of control and they cant figure it out? They sit there scratching their heads. Anaheim has a task force that drives around for eight hours a day, five days a week cleaning up the graffiti off sidewalks, houses, fences. Not only did “they” graffiti my moms fence, garage door, side walk but yes the American Flag that she proudly displayed!!!She moved into this neighborhood in 1973, it was BEAUTIFUL! It makes me sick to say the least. You all think that it is out of hand here? you have no idea how bad it is going to get.
            So get use to it, because the democrats are going to make sure they get their vote!!!That horrid Nancy Pelosi is a whore for a vote, telling the illegals that they are Patriotic!She would do anything for a vote,hmmmmmm We are soon going to be a third world country.

            • Trish said,

              I know this was off topic, but it felt good to get this off my chest, I didn’t mean to go off!

        • Sharon Peterson said,

          I too have more than concerned about all the illegals. I suggest that you check out the site It deals with illegal immigration, keeps you up on facts about what they’re costing us and the number of work related visas issued to foreigners who come here to take our jobs. They also have petitions you can sign, and if you sign up for their emails, they are good at keeping you abreast of all the issues surrounding this.

  107. Kevin said,

    I’m going by Sen. Richard Burr’s offices in Winston Salem this week and ask for them to post this website on his.

    I’m also going to request he come to one of the tea parties in the state. I’ve heard he has already stated he has other plans.

    I’m going to remind him of his re-election campaign and the need for $18 million to run this campaign.

    Basically, I’m going to let him know “If you’re a no show, then you’re a No GO” we’ll elect someone who will stand by our side and take the fight to Washington.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      We’ve already asked Burr to attend & he’s said that he can’t but is supposed to be sending a letter that we can read. Haven’t seen it yet though. lol. And it sure can’t hurt to put pressure on him anyway. Although it’s really Hagan that we need to get rid of. Too bad we’re still in for 6 more years with her. Maybe she’ll really represent our interests in washington but I’m doubtful.

      • Janice Williams said,

        I just sent Kay Hagan an e-mail but she will probably just ignore it. She will “have to wait and see when I (she) get’s up there”. Isn’t that what she said on the commercials? Big joke in our house. We are still “waiting to see” what she does for us. And lets not forget our governor. Now I understand she’s wanting to take lottery money that’s suppose to go to schools and spend it elsewhere. NAW!!! I never would have believed that. Yeah, right! Sorry…just venting!

        • Cindy said,

          I send emails and make phone calls to her office and I agree with you-she’s a follower not a leader! She is like the rest of them. She’s alot of talk but doesn’t stand up for the people. At least I didn’t take part in putting her there!

    • Jeff Penley said,

      I’ve had the opportunity to talk to Burr a couple of time and he seems like a straight shooter who really is on our side of the issues. For what its worth, every time I have contacted his office, I receive a letter of comfirmation and thanks, explaining his stance on what ever issue I addressed. I have yet to receive any such communication from Hagan. How do we start a recall election?

      • Kevin Dockery said,

        I have had the same response from his office. If you watch his latest web-blog on his website, it’s clear, He gets it!

        As for Kay Hagan, if anyone is close to her offices maybe they can go knock on the door.

        We need to bring the discussion to their front door. When the fight is up close and in your face it’s much more difficult to ignore it.

        My fellow North Carolinians it’s time to pound the pavement.

      • gizmojo81 said,

        I call, write or e-mail Senator Burr regularly. I always get a response back.

        I’ve had a handful of contacts with Hagan, and she (or her staff) Have. Not. Responded. Once.

        Since Senator Burr is previously scheduled on 4/15, I asked his staff if he would send me a brief statement about his position on out-of-control spending and government growth that we could read at the Greensboro Tea Party. Burr’s staff said they would do that. I’ll call again next week and remind them.

        I asked the same thing with Rep. Howard Coble. His staff said they’d get back with me, but that he supported our efforts.

        I asked the same thing with Hagan. Have. Not. Heard. A. Word.

    • Jack Urban said,

      Good! “E Pluribus Unum” Jack

  108. Jack Urban said,

    Susan, I hate that I can not respond directly to my emails when they are sent via web site; but I’ll get over it soon. The Tea Party in Asheboro is posted on and with details.
    Asheboro,27203: Tea Party is on Friday 12-1PM 17 April 09, on 12 Sunset Ave. in Front of the Republican Hq.
    email Jack Direct at
    “E Pluribus Unum” Jack

  109. Jim Gill said,

    looking forward to 4/15. has anyone thought about the parking situation? downtown greensboro is tough parking on a good day…

    • Jack Urban said,

      Good Question; It was a real pain to find a parking place in Raleigh last week for the Tea Party, we had to walk several blocks after we finally found an illegal place to park; thankfully we did not get a ticket. “E Pluribus Unum” Jack

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        There’s a link to a list of the GSO parking garages on the directions post. I wish the parking situation was better but couldn’t think of a better place in greensboro to have it. Downtown seemed like a nice centralized place with good exposure but, yes, terrible parking. I’m planning on getting there early and being prepared to walk a ways.

      • Jeff Penley said,

        There are usually a good number of spaces open on Commerce Place, and along Belemede. Only a few blocks from Goverment Plaza. All metered and patrolled regularly, so bring a couple of quarters.

  110. Earl said,

    I hope my taxes are finished so I can attend on the 15th. One report, from another organization, says that the tea bags to the White House and Congress members are being intercepted by the DC mail service. “They could be a dangerous substance.” The other group is recommending the little paper tag on the tea bag string instead.

  111. Ed Preston said,

    Wife & I will plan on attending Greensboro Tea Party as well as mailing tea bags to white house Apr. 1. Free Enterprise is being destroyed. Hope these tea parties can set off some alarms.


    • Cheri Pikett said,

      A physician friend told me the White House will not be accepting actual tea bags. Not sure how they would know until they open, unless it’s the size. He suggested we photo copy tea bags, or take the string and tag off the bag, and mail that. That would be a letter size. ??

  112. Jack Urban said,

    Hey, I invited Alan Keyes to speak at the Greensboro Tea Party; he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. “E Pluribus Unum” Jack

  113. Barb Barker said,

    Could you please add Patriots Heart Network as cosponsor? We have been putting out a live stream(internet radio) of the National Tea Party Conference Calls on Monday evenings starting at 9pm EST. The calls are being hosted by Michael Patrick Leahy and his folks who got this started back in February.

    The show schedule will be on the right so you just click on the show for today and it will take you to the live stream.

    Thank you so much!

  114. Janice said,

    Thinking out loud here. April 15th is right in the middle of the Furniture Market in High Point. Might cut down on the attendance from our High Point residents. So is there a possibility of another local tea party in the near future?

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I’m not planning one but the hope from the national folks & everyone else involved is that this won’t be a one-shot deal (Please see my new link to AFP-NC). Although I have heard of several people from high point who are planning on coming. If it’s Market than it’s definitely easier for them to come here than try to do something there.

    • Jan said,

      Furniture Market does not begin until April 25th (25th – 30th)this year so the Tea Party will not conflict.

      • Janice Williams said,

        Thanks for the dates. I guess I was thinking my personal schedule as I work in the furniture industry and we start way before market. At least I won’t have to ask off now.

  115. Jack Urban said,

    More helpful info. Jack Urban

    Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of family and friends.
    A great new idea for Tea Party Day
    March 23, 2009
    Dear Jack,
    We currently have people in 1000 cities organizing for the TEA Party Day Rally April 15. Help us grow that number to 1,500!

    Also, call your U.S. Representative and/or your two U.S. Senators and ask him or her to speak at your TEA Party Rally. You can reach all three at 202-224-3121. If you can’t get your Representative or Senators to speak, ask your state representative or senator to speak.

    Our country faces a grave danger. Our elected officials in Washington are leading us down an unwise path. We need to act now to stop this situation.
    I’m writing asking you to help us and also to motivate others to get involved. AFA and other groups have called for a day of TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party rallies across the U.S. on April 15, including one at noon in front of the city hall in your community. Get with a few friends and go to the rally.
    Take Action!
    I urge you to please support this movement. Please support, attend and/or help organize a TEA Party rally in your community. Please encourage others to do the same.
    I ask one special favor. If a radio station in your community has a talk show, would you call the host and ask him or her to sponsor the TEA Party rally in your community. Thanks so very much.
    Please forward this information to others.
    Click here for information on TEA Party rallies.

    • Barb Barker said,

      Personally……I think it is time for our already elected officials to shut up and LISTEN for a change! Invite them, yes, but don’t promise them a microphone because WE THE PEOPLE are IN CHARGE of this meetting and it’s high time they HEAR what WE are saying!

      That’s just my humble opinon and guess what, if they can’t get a stage debut, they probably won’t show up so we need to know where they stand. This would be a good way to find out.

      Again, invite them, but don’t promise them a mic!

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        Best not to promise anybody a mic until i find one! lol. but you are absolutely right that the point of the teaparty is to get them to LISTEN!!

      • lynn said,

        I totally agree with the politicians shutting up and listening for a change.
        Until we all are standing, gathering, voicing our opposing opinions of the present day government, we’re not going to get any resuls. So lets all that read this try hard as we can to be at as many Tea party gatherings as we can. I am planning on being at Greensboro. I did not know of any of this until today when FOx News announced that these Tax tea Parties are not just a bunch of Radicals. They are real people with real reasons to be mad at their government. So i got back on line and started searching. Here I am. I told my wife awhile back that everybody I talk to says the same thing about our government. Why isn’t anything being done. Well until everyone does something at once nothing is going to be done. And the internet chating & communicating is getting the gathering together.

  116. Jack Urban said,

    I recived this from Allen Page from freedomworks; this is some very good info, and thought it would be helpful to all patriots “E Pluribus Unum” Jack Urban

    Join the Taxpayer Tea Party Revolt in North Carolina!

    Dear Jack & Pauline,

    We have a busy few weeks ahead of us here in North Carolina. The politicians are in for a rude awakening as we send them a message loud and clear that we are tired of the wasteful spending, the bailouts and the increase in taxes on the average working family. Enough is enough!

    Please join us for the event that is closest to you. We will be holding taxpayer “tea parties” around the state in the next few weeks, and we need YOU to be there to make your voice heard!

    April 4th
    Charlotte, NC
    11:00am – 1:00pm
    Marshall Park
    rsvp: Allen Page,, 336-213-1167

    April 15th
    Raleigh, NC
    11:00am – 2:00pm
    State Capitol
    rsvp: Allen Page,, 336-213-1167

    April 15th
    4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    Buncombe County Courthouse
    rsvp: Bill Lack,, (828) 253-5709

    Special Announcement for Alamance County residents:

    In addition to these taxpayer tea party protests, FreedomWorks North Carolina is going after some of the other taxes that hit a little closer to home – skyrocketing property taxes! Some of you may have seen the ongoing battle over tax revaluation in Orange County where the Orange County Tax Revolt has taken off. Residents in Alamance are hurting too, if you’re upset with your tax revalution come learn about your options:

    Monday, March 23 7:00 pm Ramada Inn, 2703 Ramada Road, Burlington


    Allen Page
    State Director
    FreedomWorks North Carolina

  117. D'oyle G. Moore; aka Gen. Nathanael Greene said,


    229 years ago we fought a decisive battle during the Glorious American Revolution at Guilford Courthouse on the 15th of March, 1781.

    Major General Nathanael Greene, Commander of the Southern Campaign, returns to Guilford to fan the flame of freedom on the 15th April, instant.

    Our Founding Fathers staged resistance against the tyranny of unjust government & taxation over what many historians consider to be a 3% tax or less depending on the colony, the pleasure of King George, his governors, magistrates, sheriffs & tax collectors.

    Until I Shall Have the Honour of meeting you in the city of my Namesake, I Ev’r Remain Yr Most Humb’l & Obd’t Sev’t.
    Major General Nathanael Greene

  118. Patricia said,

    Even tho it is in the middle of the day, I will be working on trying to get there!!! My hubby & a friend, too.

  119. Patricia said,

    Why are you having the rally in the middle of the day. You are ensuring a low turnout because so many of us have to work. For many of us who want to be there, we can’t. I drove to Raleigh for the rally Saturday, so it has nothing to do with not really wanting to be invovled. I am involved!!! (if you happen to see any of the pics from Raleigh, I am the lady holding the “Scales Of Injustice” sign.)
    Thank you, just had to ask.

  120. Pam Williams said,

    When attending a tax day/ tea party protest, do take videos and upload to CNN, Fox News, You Tube, Facebook … whatever outlet you can find. Since mainstream media refuses to cover these stories, we can still get our message across. Be sure to notify local media of the planned event so it will be covered in the local news.

  121. Jeff Penley said,

    Can’t imagine that you havn’t heard about this, but in case you havn’t seen it: “A message from Thomas Paine” is worth seeing more than once.

  122. Reality said,

    We had a HUGE protest in Charlotte on Ending the Federal Reserve.

    That is the root of the problem,

    Be prepared for ZERO media coverage. We just will not get it, I have helped organize events like this before, and they never get attention.

    Come prepared for a revolution, not a party.

  123. Kathryn Adams said,

    One of my customers sent me a note today telling me that, as President and co-owner of his company, he is taking his employees to a long lunch and they will be coming to the Greensboro Tea Party. I encourage all small business owners to consider closing your offices for part of that day to participate with you and your partner employees; or, at least allow them to exercise their First Amendment Right to a protest for Redress of Grievances. I’m as obcessed as most of us with the peril our Republic is in at this present moment. Make this a priority … clear your schedule, talk to your employer about it and come make a difference in taking our country back. There’s nothing else more important than this right now, for we may not have a country left to enjoy those things that now consume our time and attention.

  124. Jack Urban said,

    Hey fellow Patriots “E Pluribus Unum”
    I checked with the town Attorney of Asheboro for our 17 April Tea Party; Jeff TA said as long as we are not setting up a stand and we are not impeding pedestrians walking about the sidewalk he said no problem, go for it. Jack

    • In the original post the date for the Tea Party says April 15th

      Clarification is needed, you said 17 April?

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        April 17th is the ASHEBORO protest.

        • Reality said,

          Please do this on the 15th, thats a significant date, we want as many as possible, bring every man woman and child you know.

          Our very Republic is in peril.

          • gsoteapartygirl said,

            i believe asheboro protest is friday so people can do both.

        • Susan Hodges said,

          I need to know where in Asheboro and what time. I go to a church in Franklinville and I might be able to encourage others to come.
          thanks, Susan

  125. Mike said,


    Please be sure to check with the City of Greensboro in order to secure a permit to rally if one is required by law. The Governmental Plaza will be a busy place at noon mid-week and the authorities will act quickly to disperse a crowd if it is not a lawful assembly, using the permit issue as grounds for doing so.

    Cover all your bases now, because a failed protest is damaging not only to the public face of your cause, but also to the morale of your supporters. Also everyone attending needs to be extremely mindful of lawfully parking their vehicles and obeying traffic safety rules. Just a reminder!!!

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I have actually been in touch with the police & they are ok with the location (might have something to do with the fact that it is by the police station & the jail!). As long as we are just picketing with signs, then we don’t need a permit — I did check on that also. And you are definitely correct that everyone should behave themselves! The best way to get our message out is by having a peaceful, lawful protest. Family-friendly is my motto. I’m bringing my kids & I think lots of other people are as well.

      • Mike said,

        Every child should have their own sign too! Something like “Don’t Ransom MY Future!”, or “Future Tax Slave”, complete with some plastic chains and handcuffs.

  126. Jack Urban said,

    Tea Party in Asheboro, NC
    Attention Patriots:
    Bring your signs and cow bells we are having a Tea Party downtown on the sidewalk in front of the Republican Headquarters to Fayetteville Street on Friday April 17, 2009 from
    12-1PM. Please make signs i.e. Stop Bailouts, 2000 Tea Party, be inventive etc.
    (but please no signs saying off with BO’s head, be nice etc.); Looking forward to seeing y’all there.
    (do not wish to miss Tea Party in Greensboro on the Wednesday is why we are not holding on Tax Day; please anyone that attends the Tea Party in Greensboro it would be greatly appreciated if you would also support our Tea Party in Asheboro NC.
    Contact info: Jack Urban
    “E Pluribus Unum” Thanks Jack Urban

    • Richard Loftis said,

      I can make the Ashboro one. Do you mind if I bring my petition for US Senate? I need to get 86,000 signatures to run as an unaffiliated candidate.

    • Ed Ski said,

      Keep us in the loop on this. I live just north of Lexington and can make both Greensboro and Ashboro.

  127. gizmojo81 said,


    MAybe this is part of the organization you’ve done so far…Let me know if I can help some way!

    We need to get our elected officials on the hot-seat.

    Invite US House Reps. CALL THEM NOW, so you can speak to their aides. Get them “on the record” some way. And follow up with a letter. If they accept the invitation, let them speak for 2 minutes to either defend their excesses (yeah, they’ll be booed! or fail to show up like the wimps they are!)

    Brad Miller (D)
    Howard Coble (R)
    Kay Hagan (D)
    Richard Burr (R)
    Melvin Watt (D)

    TWO, invite the members who represent this district from the NC General Assembly. Let them know we’re watching them and we mean bizness.

    THREE, press releases to ALL media: N&O, Rhino, TV, radio.

    FOUR: Branding: We are the Silent Majority, but silent no more! Fed up with taxes all over the place.

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      No I haven’t gotten around to that — this ended up being more time-consuming than I thought & my kids have had a lot of needs recently (I know, excuses excuses!). It would be FANTASTIC if you could contact them. I have been thinking about adding a “message” post to make it really clear what this is all about. I’ll try and get on that later today.

      • Mike said,

        Completely understand about the time constraints. Having been immersed in political action for nearly three years now I can tell you it is very difficult to balance the life you want to live with the life thrust upon you when you decide to actually get involved with trying to make a difference.

        Kudos to you for your efforts, and may I encourage you to remember why you took on this challenge in the first place? Those children you mention are your motivation, and I hope you will remember THEY are worth every measure of energy you expend on this endeavor and more. No one, NO ONE will fight for their future like you will, so please give this all you have in time, energy and resources. This truly is the priority item on your daily agenda, and it should be for all Americans!

        I will do whatever I can to help, although I am not a Greensboro resident (I work there). Contact me through my login email address if it is available to you as site administrator and I will assist in every way possible. If you cannot contact me directly post that here and I will find a way to establish contact so I may be of assistance.

        I implore all who are reading this to offer their assistance as well in order to make this event a success. We all have other commitments such as work, church, and family, but to believe that it’s as simple as showing up and waving a sign or flag to make this thing viable is merely a fantasy. Organization and cooperation are the tools that will close the deal at the end of the day. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it!


      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        Today I’ve got to deal with vomiting, etc. TMI I know! So it’s especially busy! I do realize that it’s important that not to just show up with a sign & forget about it — hopefully all of us will go home with that message.

      • gizmojo81 said,

        OK, teapartygirl, first I need to know if we have a permit to speak…no use inviting people to come speak if it is unlawful, as “trapping” them in such a situation completely undermines our message.

        • gsoteapartygirl said,

          We don’t have a permit. I am going to “reserve” the Governmental Plaza on Monday and can ask more questions about what we can do at that time. Here’s a link to the Greensboro Code of Ordinances: It actually looks like that would be ok as well. See Sec. 26-249. c4

  128. Donnie said,

    Please forward the website to your family and friends.

  129. Richard Loftis said,

    I am trying to run for the US Senate as an unaffiliated candidate, mainly because of just how messed up Washington is now. According to the BOE rules, I have to get 86,000 signatures from registered voters, just to get my name on the ballet. I will be out of town the week of tax day, but would anyone mind if I sent someone to the tea party with one of my petitions. I am really disappointed that I cannot be there myself.

  130. Regina said,

    Can’t wait, in the vein of B.H.Obama I am “HOPING” for a large turnout.

  131. KATHE MCMULLAN said,


    • Pam Williams said,

      I would love to get one going in winston salem also. Please reply to me and maybe we can work on it together

  132. Mary said,

    I will be there with bells on! Heard some guy started this in another state. I thought,”Yah!” Been wondering how to start one myself.

  133. Mike said,

    Here’s the map:

    Governmental Plaza is bordered by Washington St. to the south, Greene St. to the east, Market St. to the north, and Eugene St. to the west.

    Easy access from I-85 Business from either W. Lee St. or S. Elm Eugene. Access from west and north via Wendover Ave. to N. Elm St.

    Here’s the link to public parking decks:

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Thank you for finding this!!

  134. Cindy said,

    Wonderful!!! I am going to take the day off work to attend. Will see how many others I can round up!
    Is there anyone doing anything on the FAIRTAX that day?

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Should have replied to this sooner. Hope it’s not too late to notice. I actually contacted them first & they were not interested in sending any info my way to distribute. I’m more than happy for the Fairtax to be promoted though — I’m a big fan of it myself!

  135. Norma said,

    Why are these things always in the middle of the week and never on the weekend when those who work 9-5 could participate? After all it is the working class that is paying for this pork filled bill. Any plans to do one on the weekend in Greensboro?

    • Mike said,

      Take the afternoon off and come on down! No offense, but the reason we got in this mess in the first place is everyone decided they were too busy to watch the henhouse and so the fox got in…

      Look at it this way, if you work less hours that day then you’ll also pay less taxes! How cool is that?

  136. Greg Moore said,

    WOW, How wonderful! I was feeling alone out here in the broken promise land?

    I will try to attend with an “appropriate” sign.


  137. Dick Beal said,

    When are we going to have one in the New Bern,Havelock,Morehead City area?

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      As soon as you set one up! LOL.

    • Don said,

      Morehead City: Contact Kyra Moore. 252-240-1828.
      It will be April 15.
      Details still being worked out.
      Can you help?
      Don Acree 252-247-6273.
      Also, visit

  138. Thanks for taking the initiative to have a tea Party. It takes courage to speak up in this liberal city. Don’t be surprised if the clm plays it down. My wife and I will be there w/ our sign.

  139. Paulette Charlesworth-Gibson said,

    Thank you for sending me this information. I was just thinking about searching the internet, when I got home from work, for local Tea Parties being held. I’m jealous to hear on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, of all the nationwide Tea Parties being held. I so want to be a part of one. We, hard working, tax-paying Americans need to re-claim our GREAT NATION in all her former STRENGTH AND GLORY. Senators and Congressmen/women need term limits so we can get rid of the likes of career politicians like Ted Kennedy. Yes! I’ll be there! I’m so excited!

  140. Norris said,

    We need signs for Federal, State, and local to let our representatives know that we do not like their PORK!!

  141. MisterBill said,

    Great idea….will be there with my sign….


    Glad to see the interest….

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      I LOVE IT!!!

  142. Shad Cockman said,

    This is great, we need more people who will stand up for our rights, before this countries economics are completely destroyed.

  143. jhs said,

    Please contact me at jeffreyhsykes at gmail dot com

    Several of us were just about to launch a Triad Tea Party initiative so we don’t want to dilute the effort.

    Email me so we can link up and work together.


  144. As Southern Region Director of the Constitution Party of North Carolina I and a delegation will be at the Greensboro Tea Party….boots on the ground in support of grass roots efforts to help Restore OUR Republic!

  145. Jack Urban said,

    Where did my post go?

    • gsoteapartygirl said,

      Was that the link to teaparty stuff? Because there are no ads allowed in the posts.

      • Jack Urban said,

        Hey Hi, No the link was to the resistance.
        Now I know; anyway good thing I saved what I had bloviated;
        This is wonderful news that a Tea Party is being held in Greensboro, which is only a half hour North of Asheboro where I live. I was going to attend the Tea Party in Charlotte on 4-15, seeing that Greensboro is much closer; I will now be going to the Greensboro Tea Party. I am also working with the Randolph county GOP planning a Tea Party in Asheboro on Friday April 17; I would hope folks that are organizing the Greensboro Tea Party would also support the Tea Party in Asheboro. Jack Urban

      • gsoteapartygirl said,

        Sorry if you lost a post — the only one I’ve ever deleted was a link to an ad. Although I do have to approve them for first-time posters & so sometimes it takes awhile for them to show up.

  146. Jack Urban said,

    This is wonderful news that a Tea Party is being held in Greensboro, which is only a half hour North of Asheboro where I live. I was going to attend the Tea Party in Charlotte on 4-15, seeing that Greensboro is much closer; I will now be going to the Greensboro Tea Party. I am also working with the Randolph county GOP planning a Tea Party in Asheboro on Friday April 17; I would hope folks that are organizing the Greensboro Tea Party would also support the Tea Party in Asheboro. Jack Urban

    • Suzanne Dillon said,

      I live in Asheboro too and we would love to get involved with helping with the tea party. Planning on attending in Greensboro as well. Let us know what we can do to help! About time we start standing up for ourselves and take this country back!!

  147. Ed Ski said,

    Very glad to see a rally in Greensboro. I will be there and can help out if needed.

  148. Jenn said,

    I can’t wait to see the Facebook page and post it for my friends to see. Let us know as soon as it’s up.

  149. emil heiney said,

    Thanks for hosting this. You have done an awsome job. I read, and saw pics, on hotair, that thousands showed up for the tea party in Cincinnati. They also said the local tv stations are ignoring the teaparties. I am going to call Neil McNeill, and make sure he knows. He goes to my church.

  150. Aaron Sims said,

    Great, I hope alot of people attend this event.I will be bringing my daughter with me. She is only 2 but it is her future that is being stolen by these tax and spend liberals. Along with attending this event I would urge all smokers to quit, as I am trying. Not only will they not gain the .62 increase they will also lose the high taxes already in place. Any non essential specialty taxed item we should all try to give up.

    • Paulette Charlesworth-Gibson said,

      Yes, I understand the results that you’re trying to achieve, but why SHOULD we American’s have to “quit” anything? Isn’t having the freedom of choice, to live our lives freely, what defines LIBERTY AND FREEDOM? By the way, I am not a smoker or a drinker, but if I were, I wouldn’t want to give up anything to tax and spend freaks in Washington.

      • Paulette Charlesworth-Gibson said,

        Here’s another after thought. If gas taxes continue to rise, (as Ford CEO wants the Feds to take the price of gas up to $4.00/gal so that he can move his ECO-friendly cars out of inventory–as currently with gas prices down, sale of these useless have come to a screeching halt) then should we all just give into greedy politions and oil companies and stop driving, too?

    • Barb Barker said,

      Yeah, let’s just conform to the Government imposed rules on us instead of living FREE! Sheesh!

  151. gerald duffie said,

    happy to hear of this in greensboro. saved me a trip to richmond. great idea.

  152. Jeffrey Penley said,

    I think you have done a terrific job. What can I do to help?

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